Board of Directors

CURE is a student run clinic; meaning the students of Lebanon Valley College’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program coordinate everything involved! Some duties of the board include: scheduling patients & staff, working the main desk, keeping inventory, ordering equipment when needed, contacting referring physician’s offices, marketing the clinic & organizing fundraisers. It is a great opportunity to gain insight to the business perspectives of running a physical therapy clinic.

The Board typically consists of 8 students each filling a specific role. They then work together as a group, holding meetings throughout the semester to keep the clinic in top shape. The students who hold these positions are elected by the previous year’s Board. All students who are part of The Board are committed to the purpose of CURE, providing patients the best care possible while allowing the treating student therapists a great hands on practice opportunity.

 Board Of Directors Class of 2020

  • CURE minute meeting advisor: Brianna Wynn
  • Faculty liaison: Marie Szilard
  • Referral director: Alisha Kelley
  • Free clinic liaison: Patrick Younes
  • Student director: Kelsey Harrison
  • Alumni director: Hayley McGlory
  • Outcomes director: Sarah “Tilly” Grow
  • Marketing director: Danielle Burns


Board Of Directors Class of 2021


  • CURE minute meeting advisor: Jess Olewine
  • Faculty liaison: Lily McDowell
  • Referral director: Kerri Hesko
  • Free clinic liaison: Megan Shaner
  • Student director: Melissa Metzker
  • Alumni director: Connor Swank
  • Outcomes director: Julianna Ross
  • Marketing director: Kate Orlando
  • Funds and community outreach manager: Cam Avery