What to Expect

What to expect for your first visit:

• Upon arriving you will be greeted by a CURE Board Member in an LVC Physical Therapy Polo at the door or upon entering our clinic room
• They will ask you to fill out new patient paperwork in the waiting area.
• Once this paperwork is completed 2 or 3 Physical Therapy students will introduce themselves and ask you to come into a treating area in the building.
• You’re treatment will be from 2-3 Student Physical Therapists & 1 Licensed Therapist supervising the students decisions.
• We as students want you to know we are so glad to provide you with an opportunity to receive care. We also really appreciate you allowing us the opportunity to treat you and practice the skills we are learning in the classroom. We truly care about what you are going through and will help get you back to moving with less pain to the best of our ability.
• In the treating area you will be asked a few questions, so that we can better understand exactly what is happening in order to decide the best treatment and exercises for you.
• Once we have a better understanding, we will begin different techniques including massage and exercises.
• Towards the end of the first session we will provide you with 2-3 exercises that you can do at home to help facilitate the process. Doing these really makes a large difference in your recovery so if you can take 5-10 minutes a few times during the week to do them, we really appreciate that!
• We will then take you back to the entrance of the clinic room, where they will schedule your next appointment if you are interested in coming back. And hopefully over the next few weeks with our help and your commitment, you will be back to feeling a lot better.

Services offered

• Currently all patients must be referred from Lebanon Free Clinic or Volunteers in Medicine. Therefore if you feel you are in need of physical therapy, please discuss this with your physician at one of these clinics and they can then get in contact with us, so we can begin treating you.
• New Patient forms
• All patients are required to fill out new patient forms prior to treatment. We will provide these for you upon arrival on your first visit. If you would like to complete these prior to coming the documents are on the page below.


Patients Referred From Lebanon Free Clinic
Patients (VIM/Free Medicine)