Cancellation Policy

• CURE would like to provide care to as many patients as possible. When a patient cancels or is a no-show this creates an appointment that we could have used to treat another patient. So it is very important that we are notified if you will be unable to make an appointment. We need to know our patients are committed to their care like we are. In order to promote better care we have implemented a cancelation policy.
•If you are unable to make your appointment, call 717-376-5761 and this will not be held against you. We will ask if you would like to reschedule.
After 3 missed appointments we will not actively call you to schedule appointments.
•Yet, WE NEVER TURN PATIENTS AWAY, so if you have had 3 strikes and would like care, call us we will always be willing to schedule you.
•Finally if you are feeling worse do not cancel your appointment; we would like to discuss changes that may have caused this. If you are feeling better DO NOT cancel your appointment; healing/feeling better is a process, one treatment may make you feel better today or tomorrow but two weeks from now the likelihood of still feeling better is not very high simply from one treatment session.