Back pain? Having trouble moving like you usually do? Feeling unsteady? Severe pain after sitting for too long? Just had surgery… now what?


What is Physical Therapy?

According to the American Physical Therapy Association, “Physical therapists are experts in the ‘science of healing and the art of caring.’” Physical therapists help people return to activities and work that a person is not currently able to participate in due to pain, injury, or other conditions. Physical therapists work with people who have ailments such as (but not limited to) muscle strains, low back pain, joint replacements, strokes, shoulder pain, as well as other musculoskeletal or neurologic disorders.


What to expect:
At LVC’s CURE Student Run Free Clinic, care will be provided by physical therapy students in their final three years of LVC’s doctoral program in physical therapy under direct supervision of licensed physical therapists. Treatments will include hands on care given by students, paired with exercises to address pain, mobility, and loss of function. Each client will have a program specific to his or her unique needs with treatments including but not limited to, stretching, strengthening, pain management, and aerobic exercise.