“Estoy muy agradecida de el buen servicio que me han dado, my contenta, pues me siento major, puedo caminar mas. Dis le bendigas mucho y mucho en sus estudios.” – Cipriana, CURE patient

“Participating in CURE both as a treating student therapist & board member has been such a great opportunity. Treating allows me as a student to apply the skills we learn in the classroom. Being on the board allows me to not only make a difference for a patient today, but implement changes and promote the clinic to make a difference for patients to come. I really look forward to spending time in the clinic throughout the semester & hearing each patient’s unique story.” –Emily, SPT, BOD

“CURE gives students the opportunity to use what we’ve learned in class in a real clinical setting. Students of all levels can apply their skills & learn from each other while providing a unique service to members of our community.” – Hillary, SPT