Faculty Survey Results

In Jan 2012, Bishop Library conducted a survey of full-time and adjunct faculty using Survey Monkey. The survey URL was sent to 232 faculty. Twenty-two percent (52) of the faculty responded to the survey, with the majority of the responses coming from full-time faculty.

Faculty from sixteen departments participated in the survey: Art & Art History, Biology, Business & Economics, Chemistry, Digital Communications, Education, English, History & Political Science, Languages, Mathematical Sciences, Music, Philosophy & Religion, Physical Therapy, Physics, Psychology, and Sociology.

Faculty responded to questions in the following three areas:

  • Library Services & Resources
  • ILLiad Interlibrary Loan
  • Information Literacy

Library Services & Resources: Faculty rated how satisfied they were with various general library services as well as resources specific to their discipline. A majority of the faculty respondents were completely or mostly satisfied with the library services and resources.

libraryservices academic_satisfied

ILLiad Interlibrary Loan: Fifty-six percent of the faculty respondents have used the new ILLiad Interlibrary Loan interface. A majority of the faculty agreed or strongly agreed that it is easier to submit Interlibrary Loan requests; that the requests are completed accurately; that the materials are received in a timely manner; and that the materials support their research needs.


Information Literacy: Faculty answered a series of questions concerning Information literacy skills in their classes. Eighty-five percent of the faculty respondents stated that they have a clear understanding of information literacy skills.


Eight-nine percent said that they do require information literacy skills in some of their classes, and for a majority of the faculty, those skills are taught either by themselves or a librarian. For classes taught by librarians, sixty-three percent said that the students were more information literate after the session.


infoliteracy3 infoliteracy4

Student Survey Results

In November 2010, Bishop Library conducted a survey of student opinions using SurveyMonkey. The url for the survey was sent to 1,963 LVC student email addresses. Eighteen percent (361) of those students responded to the survey. Within the pool of respondents, 20% are freshmen, 19% sophomores, 27% juniors, 24% seniors, and 9% other. Twenty-four percent of the respondents are commuters. In response to the question of how often do you use the Library, 7.5% responded 5 or more time per week, 22% said 2 or 3 times a week, 31% responded weekly, 27% said monthly, 10% responded once a semester, and 2.5% said never.

One of the questions asked the respondents to rate the importance of specific services on a scale of very important, somewhat important, average importance, low importance, and not important. The responses are shown below:


The final question asked the students to respond to specific statements with strongly agree, agree, no opinion, disagree, or strongly disagree. The specific statements and responses are shown in the table below.


The survey also allowed students to provide comments or suggestions to improve library service. Over 100 students made comments or suggestions on various topics.

Library Response

Ten comments specifically requested that MS Office be available on more computers in the Library. In response to these comments, six additional computers now have Office available, and four others will have Office added. Twelve comments specifically mentioned the need for additional group study rooms. To provide additional group study space, work is underway to convert two adjunct faculty offices on the ground floor into group study rooms. These rooms will be equipped with Samsung 27” widescreen HDTV monitors for use with laptops. We hope to have these rooms available before the end of the semester.

In response to numerous comments about noise in the Library, the second floor has been designated as a “Quiet Zone”. A policy statement for this quiet area has been drafted and is posted in the Library and on the web site. The policy emphasizes that the second floor is reserved for quiet study (except for the group study rooms) and encourages students to use the ground and first floors for group discussions or conversations.

The survey responses provided valuable information that will be taken into consideration as we purchase new materials and products and as we add and improve library services. We would like to express our appreciation to those students who took the time to respond to the survey and assure them that their opinions have been heard.