LVC’s Online Archives Expands: La Vie, The Quad, and More Now Online


LVC’s digital archives have expanded once again. You can now view online copies of LVC student newspaper, La Vie Collegienne, dating back to 1925. Other historic College publications including The Quad, The Crucible, College News, The Forum, and The College Forum have also been digitized and are available for you to access at The Library is in the process of digitizing additional issues of La Vie Collegienne, so more will be added as they become available. The image above was taken from the February 10, 1966 edition of La Vie Collegienne and the lead story is about LVC’s centennial in 1966.


In addition, Lebanon Valley College: A Centennial History by Dr. Paul A. W. Wallace (featured in the above article from the Sept. 16, 1965 La Vie Collegienne) has also been digitized and is available on the LVC Archives website. Lebanon Valley College celebrated its centennial in 1966 with the publication. Dr. Paul A. W. Wallace, a noted author, historian, and anthropologist, was a professor of English and chairman of the English department at Lebanon Valley College for many years. He also served as the editor of the quarterly journal, Pennsylvania History, as well as a consultant and historian for the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission. His studies focused on colonial American history, including Native Americans in Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania German culture.

Library Science Intern Contributes to Bishop Library


Andrea Isenberg, a Library Media Center Assistant at the Milton Hershey School’s Hammond Learning Resource Center (HLRC), completed an internship at Bishop Library this fall through the online undergraduate program in Information and Library Services at the University of Maine at Augusta.

During Andrea’s internship she completed 120 hours of on-site work experience and assisted in three areas: reference, instruction and archives and special collections. Andrea observed reference interactions, interviews and answered reference questions. She also constructed a lesson for teaching a class, taught the lesson and constructed a LibGuide for the class. Andrea spent the majority of her internship in archives and special collections where she identified a collection of women’s athletics photos to be digitized and assisted with archival research inquiries. She reviewed photos, assessed the images for quality, identified the individuals, teams and eras in each of the photographs, scanned the images, and added the record information to LVC’s Past Perfect software, thus starting Bishop Library’s first digital photo collection.

Andrea is pictured above in the center of the photo taken at the HLRC. Pictured by row, (lower steps first) and left to right are Bishop Library staff members. Row one is Stacie Allison, Library Technician and Becky Chanas, Library Technician. Row two is Maureen Bentz, Access Services Librarian and Lori Nyce, Systems and Electronic Services Librarian. Row three is Scott Conrad, Library Technician and Frank Mols, Director of Bishop Library. Row four is Julia Harvey, Technical Services Librarian, James Haley, Library Technician and Donna Miller, Instruction and Reference Librarian.

Through this collaboration a connection was made. The staff members of Bishop Library were invited to tour the HLRC and Milton Hershey School (MHS) Heritage Center on December 17. Always interested in learning more about the library environment of high school students and improving the services Bishop Library offers, staff was eager to tour these facilities. In addition to housing thousands of books, reference materials, and periodicals used by the MHS community, the HLRC offers many technological learning resources to support learning, and also serves as a reference desk to help teachers integrate technology into student learning.

Bishop staff members also toured the MHS Heritage Center where records and documents of students and the school are kept. The MHS Heritage Center provides all members of the school community with an opportunity to learn about school history. The Center serves the community by preserving the past, capturing the present, and preparing for the future. It supports student success by providing educational programming aimed primarily toward students and staff, and also alumni, retirees, and the general public.

Remembering LVC World War II Service Men and Women


This Independence Day weekend we would like to honor the World War II service of men and women who attended Lebanon Valley College. The following list was compiled from LVC archival documents. While it is not a complete list of all those that attended and served, it reflects many service people that attended LVC after the war. The photo above depicts a large contingent of LVC students leaving for the war in the winter of 1943. In this photo students and well-wishers await their departure. Thank you to these alumni and all service men and women!

The following is a list of those men and women who attended LVC after World War II. It is organized by last name.

Abel, Lester W., Achenbach, Lloyd T., Jr., Adams, John Edward, Addiss, Robert Wesley, Agen, Marian, Albert, Dawn Hornbaker, Albert, Luke S., Albert, Ross J., Albrecht, William M., Alderdice, Miss Agnes C., Allwein, John Henry, Alwood, George Day, Anders, Lee Edward, Anglemeyer, Donald Kocher, Arbegast, Sara O., Archibald, Margaret Helen, Arnick, Joseph Anthony, Jr., Arnold, Donald James, Arnold, Mark R., Jr., Arnold, Sara Ann, Atkins, William F., Attwood, Miss Esther H., and Awkerman, Loy Cuyler.

Bacastow, Arthur Jacob, Bachman, Franklin I., Baer, Harold Richard, Bailey, Richard Walter, Baker, Robert E., Barcia, Peter, Barcynski, Casimir Augustus, Jr., Barnes, Ralph Townsend, Jr., Barry, Alfred J., Barth, Miriam Elizabeth, Barto, Betty Jane, Barto, James L., Bashore, Robert Merle, Jr., Batdorf, Harold Christian, Baum, Carl Richard, Baum, Herman B., Bausher, Ralph Alfred, Beam, Harold W., Beamesderfer, Charles Robert, Beard, Richard Beidel, Beaver, Edwin Wallace, Beaver, James William, Bechek, Michael G, Beck, Edgar Oscar, Beck, Robert F., Becker, Floyd Eugene, Beddall, John, Behman, Gerald A., Behney, Donald A., Jr., Beicher, John James, Beitzel, Donald Calvin, Bemesderfer, Richard Lee, Benedict, Paul W., Jr., Berger, Alvin C., Bergstresser, James L., Bernatitue, Alberta A., Bieber, Eugene Raleigh, Biever, Eugene Raleigh, Bitner, Jack Lawrence, Bixler, Russell J., Jr., Blanken, Robert M., Blauch, James R., Blecker, Albert W., Jr., Bohr, Dean H., Boland, Mildred Romaine, Bolger, Joseph Richard, Bomberger, George K., Bomgardner, David Henry, Bomgardner, Robert Earl, Bonfanti, Richard P., Booz, Herbert Leeds, Borota, Nicholas H., Botts, Edwin P., Botts, Mrs. Kathleen M., Bova, Nicholas, Jr., Bowman, James, Bowman, Melvyn R., Bowman, Raymond Eugene, Bowser, Dorothy Evelyn, Boyer, Clayton Charles, Boyer, Gerald Rodger, Boyer, Harold E., Boyer, Robert E., Brandt, Harold Gene, Brandt, Robert Allen, Brannon, Calvin Lee, Brinser, Foster M., Britton, Howard L., Broome, Paul E., Brown, Allen Herbert, Brown, Frederick Walls, Brown, Harrison Robert, Brown, Thomas P., Brulatour, James S., Brunner, William J., Bucher, Eugene S., Bucher, Norman Bauman, Jr., Burchfield, James Shope, Burd, Ronald Marlin, Burkholder, Richard Karl, Burrell, Richard Eugene, and Byren, Nancy E.

Cagnoli, William, Campanella, Joseph, Carl, John Kehler, Carlson, William Gilbert, Carpenter, Pauline E., Carson, Burton Evans, II, Carter, Noah, Casper, Leonard Alvin, Cassel, Truman S., Jr., Cek, John F., Chapman, Jacob Y., Chapman, Samuel H., Checket, Richard A., Clark, Donald F., Clark, Russell Ellsworth, Jr., Clarke, Mark Goodwin, Clemens, Ralph Warren, Jr., Clodoveo, Raymond J., Clouser, Earl Gerhart, Coale, Keith E. J., Cocos, William S., Coffman, John Samuel, Cohen, Abba D., Cohen, Leonard M., Conrad, Grant Junior, Conrad, William Floyd, Conway, Samuel A., Conway, William T., Cooper, Harry F., Cope, Carl Eugene, Coppenhaver, Richard Roberts, Corby, Bernon Watt, Cousler, Glenn E., Craighead, William Moore, Crain, Lawrence William, Crowell, Steven S., Culhane, Thomas P., Jr., and Curzi, Jedio Albert.

Danner, David H., Dasher, William Hosfeld, Daubert, Donald A., Daugherty, Carl Walter, Davey, William A., Davis, James K., Davis, Thomas E., Davis, Warren Graydon, DeAngelo, Angelo Horatio, Deardorff, Philip C., Deens, Henry C., Delduco, A. Alfred, DeLong, George Albert, DeLong, Paul Tilghman, Deppen, Robert Evan, Detambel, Marvin H., Dexter, Donald Woodrow, Diament, Ellis S., Dickerson, Joseph G., Jr., Dietrich, Stanley, DiJohnson, Albert Patric, DiJohnson, Henry A., Ditzler, Herbert E., Donadee, Helen Marie, Donley, Richard W., Donmoyer, William M., Dougherty, Dean Rodger, Dowhower, Arthur H., Doyle, Robert Daniel, Dubs, William Resser, and Dueman, Harry M.

Earich, Douglas Ray, Early, Henry Richard, Early, Robert Frederick, Ebling, Richard Daniel, Eby, Richard Y., Eckenrode, James Andrew, Eckenroth, Herbert A., Eckert, John, Edelman, Asher, Edwards, Fred J., Edwards, George Ervin, Eiceman, George Henry, Eicherly, Elizabeth Evelyn, Eisenhauer, John Henry, Elia, Charles Joseph, Ellinger, Bernard Augustus, Ely, George F., Jr., Emerich, Edward Frank, Engle, Robert Melvin, Englehart, Edwin F., Erdley, Anna Frances, Ernst, Donald R., Espenshade, Ralph S., Esposito, Pascal John, Etter, David Samuel, Euston, Guy Junior, Evans, Charles D., Evans, Leroy Norman, Evans, Lloyd O., and Evans, Mervin Ross.

Faber, Elmer W., Fake, Dwight Clifford, Fasnacht, Daniel William, Faunfelter, Daniel Howard, Fawber, James F., Feaster, Harold LaMar, Feeser, George L., Fegan, Lloyd Victor, Jr., Fehr, Alex Joseph, Feig, Robert Chester, Felty, Glenn Harding, Felty, Robert, Fetter, James T., Feyer, Simon J., Fidler, John A., Fidler, Kenneth R., Fields, Clifford C., Fields, Richard Daniel, Finnerty, Helen M., Fiorello, Joseph Michael, Fiorello, Salvatore Peter, Fish, Theodore George, Jr., Fisher, James. L., Fisher, Max Clay, Fisher, Paul G., Fisher, Richard D., Fitterer, Bruce P., Fleischer, David. Flickinger, Boyd Carl, Fogle, Bernard Eigenbrode, Forbes, William Harry, Ford, Charles Richardson, Fore, Fred Barmont, Fors, Oscar, Jr., Foster, Robert Edwin, Fowler, Donald Stanley, Fox, Daniel W., Fox, Harry Alvin, Jr., Fox, Richard E., Frahnfelter, Daniel Howard, Frank, Gabriel B., Frank, Joseph J., Frantz, Roger Reber, Fraunfelter, Daniel Howard, Frazer, William Ward, Frey, Irvin Paul, Fry, James Kenneth, Fulk, Paul F., Funck, Dennis Light, Funk, Carl Landis, and Furman, Wallace William.

Gaither, Golden Albert, Gallagher, Thomas P., Gallery, William Victor, Gates, Richard, Gaul, Charles Edward, Gaul, John W., Gay, Clark F., Geib, Donald A., Geib, Robert Smith, Geiselman, Arthur Wilson, Gemberling, Marshall L., Gemmill, Marion E., Gerace, Anthony J., Gerasinovich, Milan, Getz, Russell P., Geyer, George Robert, Gibson, Carl W., Gill, Otho Bernard, Gingrich, Aaron K., Gingrich, Emma Smith, Gingrich, Junior Russell, Gingrich, Kerry Harlan, Girton, Dale P., Glock, Robert Frederick, Goodley, Lillian May, Goodman, Arlene E. Leiser, Goodyear, Charles Morrett, Gownley, Hubert Joseph, Graboyes, Richard, Gramm, Jack D., Greenawalt, Charles K., Gregg, James, Greiner, Morris Hollinger, Grimes, Roger E., Grimm, Kenneth Richard, Grosh, Foster, Grove, Carl Hummel, Grove, Sylvan D., Grubb, Floyd Henry, Jr., Grubb, Roy Aaron, Gruber, Glenn Elton, and Guinivan, Robert M.

Haines, George G., Jr., Haines, Robert Watkins, Hall, Glenn Leslie, Hamm, Elmer, Jr., Hamor, Ira Scott, Hanshaw, Harry Herr, Hare, William Floyd, Harriger, Miles D., Hartman, Richard Arthur, Hartman, Richard D., Hartman, Samuel A., II, Hartz, Helen L., Hawk, Richard Vincent, Hayes, Phillip W., Heagy, John G., Jr., Heath, Robert James, Jr., Heberlig, Raymond Dale, Heberling, Mark Wayne, Heck, John Wilbur, Heckendorn, John J., Heckman, Francis Austin, Hedgecock, Donald Lester, Heilman, Robert A., Heim, Allen Homer, Held, Lillian H., Heminway, Lewis C., Jr., Hess, Earl Richard, Hess, John W., Hess, Robert E., Hess, Robert W., Hess, Walter Winfield, Hessler, Dorothy Elizabeth, Heverling, George H., Jr., Hickernell, Joseph Sherwood, Hickernell, Richard James, Hicks, William L., Hildebrand, Alvin S., Hitz, John Robert, Hobson, George H., Hockley, Frank Weston, Hoefling, William Anthony, Hoffer, Donald R., Hoffer, Frank Kenneth, Hoffman, Charles Richard, Hoffman, Harry H., Jr., Hoffman, Lemoyne W., Hoffman, Russel L., Hollinger, Richard E., Hoover, Orinda Frances, Hoover, Richard Raymond, Horn, John W., Hornberger, Lee E., Horst, Arthur E., Hostetter, Henry Glenn, Hostetter, Ira L., Hostetter, Melvin Etter, Howard, George Moyer, Howard, Ray B., Howard, Robert Charlock, Howe, Frank Joseph, Hower, Clyde Edward, Hren, Anthony Richard, Hummel, John Paul, Jr., Hunter, George Ross, Jr. and Huntzinger, Richard Kenneth.

Ilerjich, Arthur J., Ilgenfritz, John Henry, Jr., and Imschweiler, Durward Joseph.

Johnson, Charles Elwood, Jr., Johnson, George Strickler, Johnson, John A., Johnson, Winslow, Jones, Edwin Marshall, Jones, Margaret T., Jones, Marvin Harper, Jordan, Stephen Francis, Josephson, John, and Judy, Harry Heistand, Jr.

Kadle, Harold Alvin, Kagey, Charles Griffith, Kauffman, Earl Fry, Kauffman, Ray W., Kauffman, Robert L., Kaufman, Morris, Kaye, Mrs. Anna P. Balog, Kaylor, Richard L., Kebblish, Miss Margaret, Keckler, Bernard L., Keech, Roger Eugene, Keeler, William J., Kegerize, Bruce Ralph, Keim, Harry Franklin, Keller, Harry Eugene, Keller, Stanton H., Keller, Theodore Donald, Kendig, James Robert, Kennedy, Maude, Kern, Emil Robert, Kerschner, Richard H., Kettering, Russell Luke, Kinkel, Dean Emerson, Kintzer, Brian H., Kirchner, Frank R., Kiscadden, Charles Samuel, Klein, John E., Kleinfelter, Frances M. McDonald, Kleppinger, Gerald Stanley, Kline, Daniel E., Kline, Grant Russell, Kline, Raymond Adam, Kline, Robert Mann, Klinefelter, Mrs. Lois D., Knies, Richard Turpin, Knowlton, Elbridge Nelson, Knowlton, Robert Chandler, Koenig, Albert H., Kohudic, Melvin, Kolle, Wilson R., Kolwicz, Joseph T., Kowalesky, William Joseph, Kozlosky, Peter Paul, Kozura, John, Kreider, Howard B., Jr., Kreis, Charles Harold, Kreiser, John Ellsworth, Krick, Paul Ephriam, Krodel, Charles Henry, Krout, Charles Wilver, Kurilla, Michael, Kurtz, Michael Andrew, Kutchever, Anthony Joseph, and Kutchman, Sylvia B. (Mrs.).

Lane, Melvin M., Lauder, Andrew B., Layser, Joseph W., Layser, Perry S., Layser, Ray Allen, Leaman, Abram Lincoln, Jr., Lebegern, Howard Fisher, Jr., Lebo, James Earl, LeMelle, Leonard J., Lemon, William Kemp, III, Lenox, Richard E., Leonard, Floyd Richard, Lesosky, Lawrence Joseph, Levick, Lewis J., Lewis, James Sanderson, Lewis, Kenneth L., Light, Clifford Jacob, Light, David L., Jr., Light, John Henry, Light, Mark Edgar, Light, Oscar Sherk, Jr., Light, Richard Hale, Light, Vernal Earl, Jr., Light, Warren E., Lightner, Paul Wayne, Jr., Lilley, Henry Eugene, Lind, Anna May, Lindemuth, James E., Lingle, John Benjamin, Lloyd, William J., Loery, Robert Burtner, Long, Amos, Jr., Long, Calvin Henne, Long, Fred E., Long, Paul Daniel, Long, Paul Marlin, Longenecker, Alton A., Longenecker, Mark Zeigler, Loser, John F., Lowery, Robert Burtner, Lucas, John J., Lukens, Norman Gilbert, Lutz, Joseph John, Lutz, William E., and Lyle, Carl.

Mackoy, Richard Kennedy, Madeira, Harold George, Madlem, John R., Magdule, Sidney, Mahoney, Walter P., Malick, Donald V., Mall, Irving Allen, Manbeck, Frederick James, Mandes, Louis D., Markley, Joseph Lawrence, Marks, Kenneth Isaac, Marquette, George R., Marquette, Robert H., Marshall, John E., Martin, Richard William, Massoni, Bernard R., Mateyak, Paul, Jr., Mattern, Paul Daniel, Mayhoffer, George, Mayhoffer, George P., Mazzoni, Bernard R., McClure, John Edwin, McCoy, Robert P., McCurdy, Lloyd Edward, McCutcheon, Harold Bruce, McDaniels, Frank Samuel, McGarry, Donald E., McGowan, Edmund Fred, McGraw, James J., McKenna, Gerard J., McKinley, Roger Matthew, McMichael, James Robert, Jr., McNamara, Richard I., Mease, Charles Henry, Meckley, Paul E., Meckley, Robert Hoover, Meehan, Donald, Menditch, Donald Charles, Menear, Ellwood Jason, Menheck, Frederick James, Mese, Frank R., Messersmith, John Cameron, Meyer, Simon J., Meyers, Eugene Edward, Miller, Charles R., Jr., Miller, Charles W., Miller, Donald N., Miller, Earl E., Miller, Gerald Daniel, Miller, Harry Robert, Miller, Henry W., Miller, Karl E., Miller, Lyle Carl, Miller, Martin A., Miller, Ned E., Miller, Richard John, Miller, Robert Kenneth, Miller, Sidney S., Miller, William Frederick, Mish, William W., Mohan, John Robert, Moller, Richard William, Moller, Robert Edward, Moody, Ralph Robert, Moore, Dean S., Moore, George Linwood, Moore, William T., Moorhead, Richard Carlon, Morhauser, Charles, Moser, Albert Edwin, Moser, Wilbert Edwin, Moyer, Horace F., Moyer, Richard Paul, Mullikin, Edna S., Munsell, Fred William, and Murray, James Francis, Jr.

Nebesinsky, William W., Nelson, Eugene Carl, Nepi, Albert J., Neubaum, Earl Christian, Neubert, Richard G., Newbaker, Charles E., Jr., Neyer, John William, Nicholas, Blake H., Nickel, Frank Abraham, Jr., Nilan, John Rogert, Nipe, Melvin Ralph, Noel, Beronica M. Stadnik, and Nogle, Francis Allen.

O’Gorman, Bernard E., Orel, Irvin, Oswald, Ralph Abner, Jr., and Overton, William M.

Papp, Michael J., Parker, James Evans, Parker, Russell Mershon, Parr, Robert Griswold, Parsons, James W., Patterson, George F., Patterson, John Nelson, Paup, William O., Pechini, Maggio P., Peifer, Richard James, Peiffer, Martin Myers, Peko, John Joseph, Perry, Wilmer Norman, Pesyna, Mrs. Anna Marie, Peters, James Carl, Peters, Ralph I., Peters, Victor Clair, Petrosky, Michael Joseph, Phillips, William S., Plantz, Gale B., Pomraning, Charles E., Porter, Ralph T., Pratt, Gerald Edward, Prifer, John Frederick, Promraning, Charles E., Pronio, Vincent A., Pulli, Frank, Jr., and Pye, Richard G.

Quarry, Ralph J. Jr., and Quick, James G.

Radai, Joseph L., Raessler, Mark G., Ralston, John David, Ravndal, Maxwell Bie, Ream, James A., Reamer, Elmer Leon, Reed, Charles Allen, Reinbold, Mrs. June E. Rieley, Remley, Stuart K., Reppert, Miles N., Reynolds, Richard Paul, Rhein, Robert Frederick, Rhine, Earl E., Rhodes, Michael Hunter, Rice, C. Robert, Rice, Ray Edward, Richwine, Chester Leach, Riegel, Harold L., Rishel, Earl Clarence, Risser, John Vere, Risser, Walter H., Ritner, George Edward, Ritrievi, Frank Anthony, Roberts, Ralph Richard, Jr., Robinson, Luther Eyler, Roemig, Charlotte Pearl, Roemig, Irvin J., Roetenberg, Barnet, Rohland, Wayne Ellsworth, Rohrbaugh, Laverne E., Roland, Charles Elmer, Roman, George, Rossman, Kenneth Eugene, Rothenberger, Harold A., Rothgaber, Clifford P., Rothrock, William Alger, III, Rowe, Herbert Austin, Roy, Richard, Rozman, Frank A., Ruhl, Charles S., Ruhl, Walter H., Rulewich, Peter Frederick, Russman, Grover C., Russo, Marioi Joseph, Rutledge, Don Marquis, and Rutledge, George Edward.

Sadler, Paul H., Sampson, Kenneth L., Jr., Sanborn, George H., Sando, Eugene Paul, Sattazahn, Gerald L., Saylor, Clyde John, Schaak, Thomas J., Scheib, Dale Lamar, Scheirer, Robert L., Schiff, Melvin, Schmalser, Henry W., Schmick, Richard E., Schneck, Clayton Russell, Schneider, Martin, Schollenberger, Charles R., Schreiber, Raphael C., Schreiber, William Henry, Schwalm, Lyle Reuben, Schwang, Richard Earl, Sebastian, Joseph F., Seitzinger, Prowell M., Sellers, John Ronald, Seltzer, Richard Edgar, Shaak, Clyde J., Shaak, Robert Samuel, Shaner, David Willard, Sharkey, John Richard, Shay, Alfred C., Shay, Rank F., Sheaffer, Robert C., Shearer, Monroe J., Jr., Sheetz, David P., Sheetz, Robert Hoke, Shemeta, Joseph John, Shenk, Ira J., Shenk, John Richard, Sheppard, Robert M., Sherman, Chester J., Jr., Sherman, Elmer L., Sherman, Vincent Allen, Shettel, Paul O., Jr., Shindel, Clark, Shindel, Ernest, Shultz, Paul G., Shultz, Robert E., Jr., Shupp, Gerlad G., Shuptar, Daniel, Shurtleff, Edward F., Shutter, Carl Theodore, Sica, Valentino Vincent, Siegel, Herman, Sigler, Henderson G., Skiles, James. W., Smaltz, Roy George, Jr., Smith, Alton M., Smith, Carl Stewart, Smith, Howard Harrison, Smith, Irving M., Jr., Smith, John Charles, Jr., Smith, Joseph D., Jr., Smith, Mary Stuart, Smith, Ruth N., Smith, Walter Augustus, Jr., Snavely, David Peiffer, Snierski, Regina A., Snyder, Dale Richard, Snyder, Dean Laverne, Snyder, Frederick E., Snyder, Gilbert D., Snyder, Richard Ambrose, Sobolesky, Walter Joseph, Solomon, Jacob (Jack), Spangler, Earl Jones, Spangler, Leon Parker, Spangler, Paul J., Spier, Jospeh W., Sprecher, Carl Allen, Springer, John William, Staneck, Frank Edward, Steele, Robert A., Stein, Carl Vincent, Steiner, Edward R., Steiner, Paul Norman, Stevens, Aurelius B., Stickel, Ross E., Jr., Stine, Cawley Richard, Stine, John David, Stitt, William P., Stolte, Robert Hoffman, Stone, George Robert, Streepy, Robert D., Strickler, Edward Peter, Stroh, Oscar H., Strohman, Bert Gates, Stubbs, Joseph M., Stuckey, Merl Lester, Sullivan, Thomas Judson, Supeno, Francis Joseph, Swanger, John W., Sweet, John L., and Swingholm, Raymond J.

Tassone, Joseph, Taylor, Howard James, Tellet, J. H., Terr, Arthur L., Tesnar, Edward Frank, Thomas, Donald Leon, Thomas, Kenneth H., Thompson, Robert Bruce, Thompson, Sterling Duane, Thompson, William Wesley, Tice, Charles Marlin, Tice, Frederick S., Timberlin, Martin Neil, Tome, Charles W., Jr., Towsey, Evelyn Jean, Tritch, Eugene Carl, Tritt, Brinton Clark, and Turner, Michael Peter.

Uhler, Robert Binner, Uhrich, Karl H., Uhrich, Robert Andrew, Unger, Franklin H., Urban, Robert J., and Urich, Frank E.

Valento, James V., Vallely, Joseph R., Verni, Nicola, Villa, Peter Steve, Vogel, Clyde Kenneth, and Vogel, John Edwin.

Wager, William J., Wagner, Alice Mary, Wagner, Clair D., Wagner, John W., Wagner, Theodore Eugene, Wagner, William J., Walborn, William John, Walsh, Thomas D., Walters, Clarence George, Jr., Walters, Dene T., Walters, Elvin Winfred, Walters, Robert N., Warncke, Louelle Dorothea, Wasilewski, Ben A., Watson, Joe Parker, Wattai, John Joseph, Weaver, Paul B., Jr., Webb, Chester C., Weiman, Donald B., Weiman, Donald E., Weiser, Herman J., Jr., Wells, Norman Lewis, Wengert, Samuel Kenneth, Werner, George Edward, Wert, Edgar Deibler, Wert, James E., Wert, William Otterbein, Wertz, William, Wetzel, David H., White, Charles Harry, White, Paul Henry, White, Richard D., Whitman, Donald H., Whitson, John Harold, Jr., Widmann, Raymond J., Wild, Harold, Wilhelm, James Anson, Willard, Howard Llewellyn, Williams, Carl Kenneth, Williams, Edward, Williamson, William Joseph, Wiser, Bruce D., Withelder, Robert Lewis, Witman, Charles L., Witt, Clarence W., Jr., Wolf, Karl L., Jr., Wolf, Ronald W., Wolfe, Charles Roderick, Wolfe, Harold Clarence, Wolfe, Harry W., Jr., Wolfe, Harvey E., Jr., Wolfskeil, Henry Frederick, Womer, Walter Arthur, Wood, John Ellis, Wood, Margaret Cross, Woods, Charles W., Wright, Donald B., Jr., and Wuchte, John Irving.

Yeager, Lester R., Yeagley, Charles P., Jr., Yeakel, Joseph Hughes, Yeatts, Donald Otterbein, Yestadt, James F., Yiengst, Kathleen Eleanor, Yingst, Harold Elton, Yingst, Paul R., Yingst, William James, Yoatts, Donald Otterbein, Yocum, Clarence L., Yocum, Edgar A., Yoder, John B., Jr., Yoffe, David Victor, Yorty, Rollin Dale, Youse, Paul Monroe, and Youse, Samuel R.

Zangrilli, Alfred George, Zeiders, Donald Darwin, Zeiders, Elmer Huber, Zeigler, Melvin R., Zengerle, Joseph T., Zerbe, John E., Ziemian, John Andrew, Zilka, William A., Zimmerman, Charles Lindbergh, Zimmerman, Harry Melvin, Zimmerman, Raymond Shoop, Zimmerman, Richard Henry, Zimmerman, Robert A., Zimmerman, Thomas M. and Zuver, Robert Eugene.

Explore the Online LVC Archives!

Lebanon Valley College recently unveiled the new online LVC Archives. Archival material from Bishop Library’s print collection – yearbooks , course catalogs, and the Valley magazine – have been digitized and are now available online.

The Archives of Lebanon Valley College, located at Bishop Library, chronicles more than 145 years of the College’s history through documents, films, photographs, publications, sound recordings, and videos. The Archives also contains the College’s special collections and faculty publications.

1912 Yearbook


The collection presented online features three College publications: course catalogs (1866-2010), The Valley, a semi-annual magazine for alumni and friends of the College (1984-2006), and the College yearbook, The Bizarre (1899-1902, 1904-1915)/ Quittapahilla (1916-2007).

Use the online LVC archives to explore LVC’s history from the very beginning; view important events, people and places; reminisce about your college days; find a favorite friend, colleague or teacher; and much more. Each document is searchable and can be viewed online or downloaded in various formats, such as PDF, EPUB and KINDLE.

1948 Yearbook


The project to digitize these materials was made possible through the LYRASIS Mass Digitization Collaborative – a Sloan Foundation grant-subsidized program for libraries and cultural institutions. The Collaborative partnered with Internet Archive to scan the items cover-to-cover and in full color where possible.

A link to the online LVC Archives is located on the library’s new website under “Find” or you can go directly to

1969 Yearbook


The Archives, located on the ground floor of Bishop Library, is managed and maintained by library staff. Access to the Archives is by appointment only.

If you have questions or wish to arrange a visit please contact Maureen Bentz, Access Services Librarian, or call 717-867-6974.

1978 Yearbook