Student Government annual retreat

By: Cassandra Barrett ’19, Staff writer

LVC Student Government members travelled to Gretna Glen at Mt. Gretna over the first weekend of October for their annual retreat.

Student Government at LVC is comprises of 36 students, nine from each class, who represent the student body. Each year, Student Government goes on a retreat for a weekend of discussion, planning and team bonding as they prepare for the academic year. They held a two-hour meeting on Saturday night to talk about campus matters and to begin planning various events.

Student Government President and senior physical therapy major Laura Schmidt thought that it was a great time for the group to gather and grow closer.

“We stayed in a lodge so we could all be in the same area in the house so we could get a lot of bonding,” Schmidt said. “It’s very important as leaders of this campus to cohesively understand each other and work together.”

During this meeting they also discussed the group’s visions and goals for the year.

“We want to become more of a presence on campus, for students to be informed of what we’re talking about and to make sure that we’re talking about the student body’s interest rather than just the interest of the 36 people that are in the room,” Schmidt said.

Student Government also enjoyed time to get to know one another better through team bonding activities, games and even kayaking and canoeing on the lake. They enjoyed their weekend away together, but are very eager to get back to work on campus.

“I am excited to create positive change on campus to reflect the students’ desires, but also to work with something that could benefit the college in future years,” Schmidt said. “Something that we can see when we come back in 20 years and remember that we made that change.”

The group gathers every Monday night at 9:40 in Bishop Library to discuss campus matters and to plan various events that are hosted every year including Homecoming, Winter Formal and Valley Palooza.

On November 18 from 6:30-11 p.m., Student Government will be hosting a Winter Formal at the Lebanon Valley Country Club, so students should mark their calendars now.