What Are You Doing May 12th?

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Three Journalism Students Ask LVC Seniors about Their Post-Graduation Plans

Morgan Judge, mrj003@lvc.edu; Cara Marshall, cem003@lvc.edu; Nick Thrailkill, nat001@lvc.edu


On May 11th, 282 seniors will graduate from LVC during the college’s 144th Commencement. Interested in finding out what seniors are going to do after graduation, we asked 12 seniors, “You graduate on May 11th. What are you going to do on May 12th?” Here’s what they said:


“I’m going to be on LVC’s campus to check out all my residents’ rooms ’cause I’m on RA, then I’m going home and sleeping so I can get up for my real world job. I am glad to have no more homework, though.”

Ally Stengel, English Major


“The day after graduation my plans are TBD. I will most likely be relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends— hopefully playing some wiffle ball.”

Mike Lebo, Digital Communications Major


“May 12th I plan on going home and just having a good old-fashioned home-cooked meal. I’ve been living off of packed lunches and fried food since student teaching began.”

Justin Hollenberg, Music and Music Education Major


“The day after graduation I will probably be celebrating my graduation with my family and friends. I may also relax and plan out what I will do for the rest of the summer.”

Ethan Grodzinski, Art and Art History and Digital Communications Major


“After graduation on the 12th I will be celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom. It’s the one day of the year that she gets to relax, and after all that she does for my brothers and I she deserves it.”

Taylor Luthy, Individualized Major and Religion Minor


“My mom is going to party, so we’re going to have a family picnic with 60-some people. We’ve been planning this picnic since December, and my mom wants me to come home this weekend so we can get things ready! Afterwards, I’d like to take a vacation.”

My-Dung Tran, Accounting Major


“I’m having my birthday dinner graduation night, and the week after graduation, Katelyn Landes and I are going to the Florida beaches.”

Alyssa Mitchell, Chemistry and French Major and International Studies Minor


“I’m going to the beach with my friends.”

Ashlyn DiNinni, English Communications Major    


“I’m going to a Relient K concert in Pittsburgh.”

Darcie Jenkins, Psychology Major and English Literature Minor


“I’m excited to graduate on the 11th. On the 12th, I’m joining my grandparents for my cousin’s graduation in DC. My sister is graduating the next weekend in western Massachusetts. Finally, a cousin’s getting married in North Carolina over the Memorial Day weekend.”

Oliver Lyons, Physics and Actuarial Science Major and Chemistry and Mathematics Minor


“On May 12, I’m moving into my aunt and uncle’s house in New Jersey. I’m living with them for my first PT clinical that begins that Monday, the 13th.”

Erin McCarthy, Health Science Major and Sociology Minor


“I’m going to relax with my family and enjoy being a college graduate. But on May 13th, I’m going to find a job as soon as possible so I can pay back these loans.”

Todd Mika, Sociology Major



2013 Graduates of LVC

Ms. Cortney R. Albert cra003@lvc.edu
Ms. Mandi S. Albright msa002@lvc.edu
Ms. Erica M. Ameigh ema002@lvc.edu
Ms. Kate E. Anderson kea002@lvc.edu
Ms. Kristin M. Anspach kma005@lvc.edu
Ms. Rachel L. Armor rla001@lvc.edu
Ms. Kerri E. Bailey keb005@lvc.edu
Ms. Danielle M. Baker dmb006@lvc.edu
Ms. Corrinn E. Barbati ceb004@lvc.edu
Ms. Michelle C. Bauer mcb002@lvc.edu
Mr. Edward J. Beall ejb003@lvc.edu
Ms. Christina Belousov cb007@lvc.edu
Ms. Sarena M. Berish smb008@lvc.edu
Ms. Danielle L. Biggs dlb004@lvc.edu
Ms. Laura B. Blacker lbb001@lvc.edu
Ms. Julia E. Blackley jb007@lvc.edu
Ms. Elizabeth C. Borgia ecb001@lvc.edu
Ms. Stephanie M. Boyer smb009@lvc.edu
Ms. Chynna K. Bragg-Walker ckb001@lvc.edu
Mr. Erik J. Brandt ejb004@lvc.edu
Ms. Lauren C. Brennan lcb001@lvc.edu
Ms. Victoria A. Broderick vab002@lvc.edu
Mr. Daniel J. Brooks djb004@lvc.edu
Mr. Derek M. Brousseau dmb007@lvc.edu
Mr. Madison D. Brown mdb006@lvc.edu
Ms. Anitra C. Burrows acb007@lvc.edu
Ms. Hannah E. Cackovic hec001@lvc.edu
Mrs. Noemi Carrera nc001@lvc.edu
Ms. Lindsay E. Chaffier lec002@lvc.edu
Ms. Katherine A. Chandler kac006@lvc.edu
Ms. Victoria Childers vc001@lvc.edu
Mr. Jared J. Cicero jjc001@lvc.edu
Ms. Lindsay M. Cirone lmc006@lvc.edu
Ms. Meghan E. Clark mec004@lvc.edu
Mr. Andrew M. Cooper amc007@lvc.edu
Mr. David J. Corbin djc005@lvc.edu
Ms. Madeline M. Cox mmc004@lvc.edu
Ms. Kirsten A. Cross kac005@lvc.edu
Ms. Molly M. Cruz mmc003@lvc.edu
Mr. Andrew K. Cunningham akc001@lvc.edu
Ms. Caitlin J. Cusack cjc002@lvc.edu
Ms. Ashley N. Decker and002@lvc.edu
Ms. Mary C. Deppen mcd002@lvc.edu
Ms. Kaitlyn M. Depsky kmd010@lvc.edu
Ms. Rebecca L. Derbes rld002@lvc.edu
Ms. Ashlyn R. Dininni ard002@lvc.edu
Mr. Dustin C. Doebler dcd001@lvc.edu
Ms. Amanda N. Donia and001@lvc.edu
Mr. Jason M. Dougherty jmd012@lvc.edu
Mr. Michael E. Druck med001@lvc.edu
Ms. Jenna E. Dutton jed003@lvc.edu
Mr. Tyler D. Eberly tde001@lvc.edu
Ms. Kira M. Echeandia kme004@lvc.edu
Ms. Kelly M. Ehrenfeuchter kme003@lvc.edu
Mr. Braden T. Eisenhower bte001@lvc.edu
Ms. Rachel R. Englerth rre001@lvc.edu
Ms. Kelly A. Fahnestock kaf004@lvc.edu
Ms. Alisha L. Farrell alf003@lvc.edu
Mr. Bryn E. Faust bef003@lvc.edu
Ms. Brittany L. Flood blf002@lvc.edu
Mr. Tyrone C. Fosnacht tcf001@lvc.edu
Ms. Alycia M. Fox amf003@lvc.edu
Ms. Talia K. Frantz tkf001@lvc.edu
Ms. Faren N. Fratini fnf001@lvc.edu
Ms. Hannah E. Free hef002@lvc.edu
Ms. Renee E. Fritz ref002@lvc.edu
Ms. Jamie L. Frye jlf004@lvc.edu
Ms. Lauren E. Fulmer lef003@lvc.edu
Ms. Katalyn R. Funk krf001@lvc.edu
Mr. Alex D. Gamble ag003@lvc.edu
Mr. Adam C. Gardner acg003@lvc.edu
Ms. Mary R. Gardner mrg002@lvc.edu
Mr. William J. Gardner wjg001@lvc.edu
Mr. Andrew C. Garofalo acg004@lvc.edu
Mr. Tyler B. Garrett tbg003@lvc.edu
Ms. Adrienne R. Gemberling arg005@lvc.edu
Ms. Allison N. Gerber ang004@lvc.edu
Mr. Andrew M. Germann amg010@lvc.edu
Ms. Laura J. Gingerich ljg002@lvc.edu
Mr. Kenneth D. Golden kdg001@lvc.edu
Mr. Kevin M. Greene kmg003@lvc.edu
Mr. Ethan T. Grodzinski etg001@lvc.edu
Ms. Kelsey L. Groome klg002@lvc.edu
Mr. Kyle M. Gross kmg004@lvc.edu
Mr. Charles R. Grove crg003@lvc.edu
Ms. Chloe M. Gunther cmg005@lvc.edu
Ms. Gretchen M. Hafner gmh001@lvc.edu
Mr. Jared A. Hamilton jah008@lvc.edu
Ms. Amanda N. Hanna anh002@lvc.edu
Ms. Caitlin M. Harman cmh007@lvc.edu
Mr. Kristopher B. Hartman kbh002@lvc.edu
Ms. Marcia C. Hartzler mch002@lvc.edu
Ms. Emily M. Harvey emh003@lvc.edu
Ms. Rachel M. Heenan rmh006@lvc.edu
Mr. Conrad A. Heisey cah004@lvc.edu
Mr. Sodin Heng sh006@lvc.edu
Ms. Melinda B. Henry mbh003@lvc.edu
Mr. Nathan K. Hepler nkh001@lvc.edu
Ms. Kelsie N. Hepner knh003@lvc.edu
Ms. Sarah E. Herb seh004@lvc.edu
Ms. Brittany A. Herr bah004@lvc.edu
Ms. Devan M. Herring dmh005@lvc.edu
Mr. John Hildebrand jh005@lvc.edu
Mr. Christopher R. Hippeli crh003@lvc.edu
Ms. Rachael L. Hoffman rlh003@lvc.edu
Mr. Justin M. Hollenberg jmh014@lvc.edu
Mr. Scott A. Holman sah003@lvc.edu
Ms. Jacquelyn M. Hoover jmh013@lvc.edu
Mr. Robert P. Hosler rph001@lvc.edu
Ms. Stephanie E. Hostetter seh006@lvc.edu
Mr. Michael M. Howard mmh007@lvc.edu
Mr. Michael R. Hull mrh002@lvc.edu
Ms. Leann N. Hyatt lnh001@lvc.edu
Ms. Sarah E. Jacobs sej002@lvc.edu
Ms. Jocelyn Jaworski jj001@lvc.edu
Ms. Darcie R. Jenkins drj002@lvc.edu
Ms. Nicole D. Joppy ndj001@lvc.edu
Ms. Ciera E. Kalnoski cek002@lvc.edu
Mr. Galen E. Kapp gek002@lvc.edu
Ms. Katarina C. Karnas kck001@lvc.edu
Mr. Nathan A. Kauffman nak002@lvc.edu
Ms. Heidi M. Keene hmk002@lvc.edu
Mr. Kyle M. Keller kmk006@lvc.edu
Ms. Nahed S. Khalil nsk001@lvc.edu
Ms. Kelly M. Kilgus kmk004@lvc.edu
Ms. Devin W. Kime dwk002@lvc.edu
Mr. Alex R. Kirchner ark003@lvc.edu
Ms. Sheryl Ann C. Klus sck001@lvc.edu
Ms. Jennifer M. Koch jmk006@lvc.edu
Ms. Megan E. Koenig mek002@lvc.edu
Mr. Justin M. Kontra jmk007@lvc.edu
Ms. Natosha L. Kreamer nlk003@lvc.edu
Ms. Hana H. Krechel hhk001@lvc.edu
Mr. Adam J. Krevchuck ajk005@lvc.edu
Mr. Joseph T. Krug jtk003@lvc.edu
Ms. Alyssa K. Kulp akk003@lvc.edu
Mr. Leo J. Kyte ljk003@lvc.edu
Ms. Leigha M. La Tourette lml007@lvc.edu
Ms. Stevi E. Laird sel003@lvc.edu
Mr. Michael R. Lasky mrl003@lvc.edu
Ms. Maurissa A. Laudeman mal005@lvc.edu
Mr. Michael S. Lebo msl002@lvc.edu
Ms. Caitlin E. Lee cel001@lvc.edu
Mr. Tyler L. Lehman tll002@lvc.edu
Ms. Sarah E. Lloyd sel004@lvc.edu
Mr. Derek C. Longenecker dcl001@lvc.edu
Ms. Taylor R. Luthy trl002@lvc.edu
Mr. Oliver D. Lyons odl001@lvc.edu
Ms. Alexa M. Maddy amm008@lvc.edu
Mr. John T. Makatche jtm003@lvc.edu
Mr. Peter T. Manning ptm001@lvc.edu
Mr. Eric M. Martin emm002@lvc.edu
Ms. Kirsten R. Martzall krm003@lvc.edu
Ms. Amy S. Mastrangelo asm004@lvc.edu
Ms. Erin K. McCarthy ekm002@lvc.edu
Mr. James T. McCullough jtm004@lvc.edu
Ms. Lindsay M. McFadden lmm003@lvc.edu
Ms. Allison N. McGinniss anm006@lvc.edu
Ms. Brianna M. McGoff bmm002@lvc.edu
Mr. Yahya N. McIntyre ynm001@lvc.edu
Mr. Colin M. McKenna cmm004@lvc.edu
Ms. Margaret S. McLean msm001@lvc.edu
Ms. Samantha K. Meashey skm004@lvc.edu
Mr. Michael J. Mellon, III mjm006@lvc.edu
Mr. Ryan M. Merwine rmm004@lvc.edu
Ms. Heidi M. Metzler hmm003@lvc.edu
Mr. Wade E. Meyerhoffer wem002@lvc.edu
Mr. Todd G. Mika tgm001@lvc.edu
Ms. Kelsey R. Miller krm004@lvc.edu
Ms. Kristin P. Miller kpm003@lvc.edu
Mr. Matthew T. Miller mtm004@lvc.edu
Ms. Morgan L. Miller mlm011@lvc.edu
Mr. Myles R. Miller mrm004@lvc.edu
Mr. Shane D. Miller sdm002@lvc.edu
Mr. Travis A. Miller tam003@lvc.edu
Ms. Alyssa D. Mitchell adm004@lvc.edu
Ms. Bridget A. Monighan bam004@lvc.edu
Ms. Sarah N. Munoz snm002@lvc.edu
Ms. Megan E. Murphy mem005@lvc.edu
Mr. Jonathan M. Nerino jmn005@lvc.edu
Ms. Lindsey T. Nies ltn001@lvc.edu
Ms. Michelle L. Nolt mln001@lvc.edu
Ms. Rebecca J. O’Loughlin rjo001@lvc.edu
Ms. Samantha A. Oates sao001@lvc.edu
Ms. Kristin M. Overman kmo003@lvc.edu
Ms. Samantha R. Pabon srp001@lvc.edu
Ms. Kelly E. Palmquist kep002@lvc.edu
Mr. Peter J. Panichi pjp001@lvc.edu
Mr. Giulio Parente gp001@lvc.edu
Mr. Scott W. Parker swp001@lvc.edu
Mr. Zachary S. Parobek zsp001@lvc.edu
Ms. Wiltssy Payero wp001@lvc.edu
Ms. Rachel J. Pazdersky rjp002@lvc.edu
Ms. Sara N. Peiffer snp001@lvc.edu
Ms. Kelsey L. Pelton klp004@lvc.edu
Ms. Laine C. Pendleton lcp001@lvc.edu
Ms. Lacy M. Phillips lmp003@lvc.edu
Mr. Seth Polydore sp005@lvc.edu
Ms. Samantha J. Preston sjp002@lvc.edu
Ms. Erin E. Pruett eep002@lvc.edu
Ms. Lauren N. Pyle lnp002@lvc.edu
Mr. Dylan D. Reed ddr003@lvc.edu
Ms. Victoria A. Ringley var003@lvc.edu
Ms. Kristine F. Roaten kfr001@lvc.edu
Ms. Charlie M. Robinson cmr007@lvc.edu
Ms. Brianna M. Roman bmr005@lvc.edu
Ms. Kristen E. Rooney ker005@lvc.edu
Ms. Jennifer K. Rosenberger jkr001@lvc.edu
Ms. Magen E. Rosinski mer006@lvc.edu
Ms. Gia Russo gr001@lvc.edu
Mr. Bilal Sanchez-Zaki bs004@lvc.edu
Ms. Shana E. Sborz ses005@lvc.edu
Ms. Kristen M. Schmidt kms013@lvc.edu
Ms. Steffani L. Secola sls013@lvc.edu
Ms. Emily G. Shaw egs002@lvc.edu
Ms. Brooke N. Sheffy bns003@lvc.edu
Ms. Kristin A. Shoop kas005@lvc.edu
Ms. Corinn M. Shute cms005@lvc.edu
Ms. Kyi L. Simmons ks006@lvc.edu
Mr. Alexander L. Simms als010@lvc.edu
Mr. Stephen B. Simonian sbs002@lvc.edu
Mr. John T. Sincavage jts007@lvc.edu
Ms. Chloe R. Skylakon crs004@lvc.edu
Ms. Ashley L. Smith als009@lvc.edu
Mr. Emmitt M. Smith ems008@lvc.edu
Ms. Heather M. Smith hms002@lvc.edu
Ms. Jordan E. Smith jes006@lvc.edu
Ms. Alyxandra N. Snyder ans008@lvc.edu
Ms. Natalie J. Snyder njs004@lvc.edu
Ms. Nicole B. Snyder nbs002@lvc.edu
Ms. Olivia J. Snyder ojs001@lvc.edu
Ms. Brittany A. Soda bas008@lvc.edu
Ms. Kara M. Stanton kms014@lvc.edu
Ms. Allyson M. Stengel ams016@lvc.edu
Ms. Samantha A. Stewart sas008@lvc.edu
Ms. Heather M. Stitt hms003@lvc.edu
Ms. Natalie L. Stoudt nls001@lvc.edu
Mr. Thomas C. Stout, III tcs003@lvc.edu
Ms. Jennifer N. Strack jns002@lvc.edu
Mr. Devon P. Stutzman dps002@lvc.edu
Ms. Suzanne P. Sullivan sps004@lvc.edu
Mr. Andrew D. Suprock ads009@lvc.edu
Mr. Scott A. Sutton sas009@lvc.edu
Ms. Jordan L. Tait jlt002@lvc.edu
Mr. Alexander F. Talarico aft001@lvc.edu
Mr. Eric A. Tedjeske eat002@lvc.edu
Mr. Patrick T. Tierney ptt001@lvc.edu
Mr. Matthew M. Topping mmt001@lvc.edu
Mr. Nicholas H. Toth nht001@lvc.edu
Ms. Kristin C. Tracy kct002@lvc.edu
Ms. My-Dung T. Tran mtt002@lvc.edu
Mr. Matthew P. Turner mpt001@lvc.edu
Mr. Roger K. Van Scyoc rkv001@lvc.edu
Ms. Caitlin E. Vasey cev002@lvc.edu
Mr. David H. Vasisko dhv001@lvc.edu
Ms. Stephanie M. Velardo smv002@lvc.edu
Ms. Katherine M. Wagner kmw008@lvc.edu
Ms. Johanna G. Walker jgw002@lvc.edu
Ms. Cassandra M. Wallen cmw006@lvc.edu
Ms. Kelsey J. Wallen kjw004@lvc.edu
Ms. Halley R. Washburn hrw001@lvc.edu
Mr. Tyler G. Weaber tgw003@lvc.edu
Mr. Dwight E. Weaver dew003@lvc.edu
Ms. Jordan L. Weaver jlw007@lvc.edu
Mr. Christopher Weber cw004@lvc.edu
Mr. Justin N. Weilnau jnw003@lvc.edu
Ms. Katrina N. Wells knw002@lvc.edu
Mr. Steven J. Wildberger sjw002@lvc.edu
Mr. Caleb E. Wiley cew005@lvc.edu
Ms. Carly A. Wilfong caw004@lvc.edu
Mr. Gregory D. Wolford gdw001@lvc.edu
Ms. Elise C. Wysocki ecw001@lvc.edu
Ms. Chelsee J. Yannone cjy001@lvc.edu
Mr. David J. Yasenchak djy001@lvc.edu
Ms. Brianna M. Yoder bmy001@lvc.edu
Mr. Jeff S. Yorgey jsy001@lvc.edu
Ms. Lisa M. Young lmy002@lvc.edu
Ms. Kristen E. Zartman kez003@lvc.edu
Ms. Jennifer Zeller jz003@lvc.edu
Ms. Melissa A. Zellner maz001@lvc.edu
Ms. Adrienne R. Zercher arz002@lvc.edu
Mr. Jeffery C. Zimmerman, Jr. jcz001@lvc.edu
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