Co-Editor-in-Chief - Kammi Trout

Co-Editor-in-Chief - Nikki Wilhelm


Poetry Editor - Bethany Mary
Assistant Poetry Editor - Jessica Coughlin

Green Blotter is looking for poetry that examines subjects in a way they aren’t typically approached. We are looking for poetry that has a clear awareness and appreciation for the mechanics of language. We want poetry that dares to look at its own expectations, and change them drastically. We want poetry that changes the reader and the reading every time it’s revisited.


Fiction/Creative Nonfiction Editor – Sara Urner
Assistant Fiction Editor - Sydney Fuhrman


Art Editors/Design TeamMolly Gertenbach and Dylan Rigg

We are looking for submissions of  high quality that feature strong creativity and uniqueness of style. Works should be one-of-a-kind, thought provoking, and intriguing.


Faculty Advisor – Sally Clark


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