Bringing Back the Blog

Welcome to the start of the 2016 – 2017 academic year!

Many of you may recall that a few years ago, the Academic Affairs Division published a weekly blog called “Academic Affairs Weekly.”  Last fall, a small advisory group of faculty recommended we return to this practice, giving LVC educators an opportunity to share their insights, expertise, or reflections on matters related to pedagogy, assessment, College initiatives, and contemporary issues affecting our campus and communities. (Of course, we don’t want to limit ourselves to those topics, but they represent some of what we hope to address.)

In addition to this blog, “Faculty Voices,” we have a blog dedicated to faculty scholarship and another for news about faculty engaged in the community.  These blogs will be updated weekly and serve as a vehicle for informing colleagues about what faculty are  doing in their disciplines and communities.

Submissions to “Faculty Voices,” “Faculty Scholarship,” and “Faculty Engaged in the Community” should be made to Ann Damiano, Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Submissions are due every Wednesday for the following week.