Why Global Education Matters at LVC

Global Learning and Engagement

by Treva Clark

Global Learning is a holistic, educational process that develops one’s knowledge about the world, advances one’s curiosity about the world’s diverse cultures, enhances one’s intercultural competencies, and demonstrably embraces the values endorsed by inclusive excellence.  Fully consistent with and inextricably linked to Lebanon Valley College’s (LVC) commitment to deliver a transformative education built on the liberal arts,  global learning is essential to the development of students who think critically and creatively across boundaries, who solve complex problems, who communicate effectively, and who value differences among human beings.

To fully embrace global learning and engagement at LVC, it must be understood that global learning is much more than study abroad, languages, and exchange programs.  While all are necessary components of a comprehensive global learning campus strategy, LVC stakeholders must acknowledge that in order to succeed professionally, students in all disciplines will face mandates to thrive in environments defined by cultural interdependence, diversity, and rapid change.  To fulfill our mission and maintain the health of the institution, both financially and philosophically, LVC must place a new emphasis on the indispensable techniques achieved by understanding multiple global perspectives of the human experience.

Global learning is a process comprised of many parts, players, and variables requiring the intentional coordination of resources aligned with both our institutional goals and the shifting market conditions.  While initiatives have been successfully implemented at LVC in support of global learning across multiple disciplinary and institutional boundaries, the absence of coordinated implementation and disparate programming have limited their effectiveness to transform the institution.  We are now compelled to leverage successful programs that exist at LVC and transform others in order to achieve the outcomes consistent with our re-envisioned future.

As articulated in Envision 2020, LVC is committed to being student-centered, learning-focused, and outcomes-based.  In order to fulfill these promises to our students, faculty, alumni, and the broader campus community, we are obligated to advance global learning and engagement throughout the institution in curricular as well as non-curricular ways, with the assignment of appropriate and sufficient resources, to the pursuit of specifically defined institutional goals and objectives.  Without this, we simply will not prepare our students effectively nor achieve the standards of inclusive excellence we espouse at LVC.

Global learning and engagement is possible at The Valley … but only with a shared commitment to its value, purpose, and benefit as part of the LVC educational experience.


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