Faculty Scholarship

Holly Wendt is a weekly contributor to Baseball Prospectus’s brand new Short Relief column.  Short Relief is “a series of shortform articles by various writers, concerned primarily with the aesthetic, the metaphorical, and the ridiculous aspects of baseball as an unproductive labor that induces such devotion and contentment.” (http://www.baseballprospectus.com/column/short_relief/)

In Holly’s first installment (March 6), she used Yoko Ogawa’s novel The Housekeeper and the Professor (to which she was introduced to by Terri Rosenberg’s World Lit III course). The week of March 13, she wrote a pastiche of “The Charge of the Light  Brigade.”


Faculty Collaborations

Elizabeth Sterner and Megan Potteiger presented their talk “Plickers: Simple, Effective Classroom Polling” at the 3rd annual Lancaster Learns conference at Elizabethtown College on February 24th. This conference seeks to promote quality teaching and learning by building capacity for evidence-based pedagogy and learner-centered instruction across higher education institutions in the region. Other faculty and staff in attendance included Rachel Albert, Daniel Clark, Valbona Hoxha, Kelly Miller, and Cathy Romagnolo.