Scholarship, Collaboration, and Awards

R. Troy Boyer’s chapter “Agriculture and Industries” is included in the 2017 publication  Pennsylvania Germans:  An Interpretive Encyclopedia (Johns Hopkins University Press).  This chapter examines the contribution of Pennsylvania Germans to farming and their history in certain manufactures in both the ethnic cultural hearth area in southeastern Pennsylvania and in what has been termed the Pennsylvania Dutch “diaspora” communities in other parts of North America.

Shannon Brandt, Todd Snovel, and Beth Julian presented on “College Rocks,” the interactive online summer course they developed in 2016 to equip incoming students with the knowledge and self-awareness to become successful first-year students.  The team presented first at the 43rd Annual Delaware Valley Student Affairs Conference (DVSAC) in Philadelphia, a regional conference for educators in the greater Delaware Valley. They then flew to Atlanta, Georgia and presented at the national First Year Experience (FYE) Conference.

Congratulations to Becky Urban, who recently received the Exemplary Teacher Award given by the the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church. Becky received this award not only for her outstanding teaching, but also for her work to promote environmental concerns.

Further kudos to Laura Eldred who was named a semi-finalist for the Excellence in Teaching First-Year Seminars award sponsored by McGraw-Hill Education and the National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience & Students in Transition.  

Recent Faculty Publications

Paul Fullmer’s article “Judith (Book and Person) Septuagint/Old Testament” will appear in Volume 14 of the Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception (EBR) to be released in March 2017 (ISBN 978-3-11-031331-4).  The projected thirty-volume encyclopedia is intended to serve as a comprehensive guide to the current state of knowledge on the background, origins, and development of the canonical texts of the Bible as they were accepted in Judaism and Christianity. Unprecedented in breadth and scope, this encyclopedia also documents the history of the Bible’s interpretation and reception across the centuries, not only in Judaism and Christianity, but also in literature, visual art, music, film, and dance, as well as in Islam and other religious traditions and new religious movements.

Jeff Robbins’ article, “Harvey Cox Revisited: The Continued Case for a Theology of Technology,” was published in Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal (Vol. 100, No. 1).  As indicated by the volume number, this special issue of the journal marks its 100 year anniversary.

Faculty Collaboration and Scholarship

Michael Kitchens co-authored an empirical article with Steve Buzinski, LVC alum, former basketball star, and former teaching fellow in the Psychology Department.  Their article, “Self-regulation and social pressure reduce prejudiced responding and increase the motivation to be non-prejudiced,” was published in the Journal of Social Psychology. An online version of this article may be accessed at the following link: