Faculty Scholarship

Thanks to a President’s Innovation Fund, John Hinshaw and Ivette Guzman-Zavala completed research on the Latino Dutch Country.  Hinshaw published an article in the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography entitled, “Dutchirican:  The Growing Puerto Rican Presence in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country.”

Guzman-Zavala presented papers on their research at the 2015 and 2016 Latin American Studies Association meeting.  In 2015, Hinshaw and Guzman-Zavala were joined by graduate Charles McElwe and served on the plenary panel at the Pennsylvania Historical Association.

Both faculty scholars will present at the 2016 meeting of the Puerto Rican Studies Association and will exhibit their work at the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society (January 2017) and the Arnold Gallery (June 2017).  The research further inspired the creation of a year-long course on Jorge Duany, the noted Puerto Rican anthropologist who examined the ways that migration from the Hispanic Caribbean is transforming the United States as well as Puerto Rico.

Grant Taylor has accepted the co-editorship of the book series International Texts in Critical Media Aesthetics (Bloomsbury Academic Publishing). Grant will replace Dr. Francisco Ricardo, founding editor, and join Dr. Jorgen Schafer from the University of Siegen in the co-editorial role.


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