Faculty Scholarship

Thanks to a President’s Innovation Fund, John Hinshaw and Ivette Guzman-Zavala completed research on the Latino Dutch Country.  Hinshaw published an article in the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography entitled, “Dutchirican:  The Growing Puerto Rican Presence in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country.”

Guzman-Zavala presented papers on their research at the 2015 and 2016 Latin American Studies Association meeting.  In 2015, Hinshaw and Guzman-Zavala were joined by graduate Charles McElwe and served on the plenary panel at the Pennsylvania Historical Association.

Both faculty scholars will present at the 2016 meeting of the Puerto Rican Studies Association and will exhibit their work at the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society (January 2017) and the Arnold Gallery (June 2017).  The research further inspired the creation of a year-long course on Jorge Duany, the noted Puerto Rican anthropologist who examined the ways that migration from the Hispanic Caribbean is transforming the United States as well as Puerto Rico.

Grant Taylor has accepted the co-editorship of the book series International Texts in Critical Media Aesthetics (Bloomsbury Academic Publishing). Grant will replace Dr. Francisco Ricardo, founding editor, and join Dr. Jorgen Schafer from the University of Siegen in the co-editorial role.


Faculty Scholarship

Robert Carey published a paper with two students in the Journal of Plant Research: Seader, V.H., Jennifer M. Thornsberry and Robert E. Carey.  ” Using the Amborella Trichopoda Expansin Superfamily to Elucidate the History of Angiosperm Expansins.” Journal of Plant Research, 129.2 (2016):  199 – 207.

Gary Grieve-Carlson’s essay, “Towards an American Avant-Garde:  Williams’s Quarrel with Eliot,” appeared in the Summer 2016 issue of Modern Language Studies, 46.1 (2016): 54-69.

The textbook Courtney Lappas co-authored with her father, Forensic Toxicology:  Principles and Concepts, was an award winner in the British Medical Association Book Awards Competition.  The British Medical Association Book Awards takes place annually to recognize outstanding contributions to the medical literature.  Courtney’s text was awarded a Highly Commended Prize in the Public Health category and was a finalist in the Best Student Textbook category.

Shelley Moorman-Stahlman spent two weeks this summer in Brazil with five of our LVC students giving pipe organ encounters and handbell demonstrations to children and youth.  She presented piano masterclasses in two conservatories.   In addition, she performed an organ recital on the historic Cavaille Coll organ in Lorena, Brazil.   She continues her ongoing efforts to coordinate restorations of these important historic instruments in Brazil.

Jeff Robbins published an article in the leading peer-reviewed journal for Continental Philosophy:  “Renewing Materialism:  Gianni Vattimo and Santiago Zabala and the Hermeneutical Option for the Poor,” in Philosophy Today, 60.3 (2016): 687-702.

Jeff also delivered the keynote address, “Heresy as an Act of Resistance,” at the Second Annual Conference of the International Social for Heresy Studies, June 2016, New York University, New York.  In July 2016, he gave a conference presentation–“Who Needs Insurrection?”–at the International Summit on Political Theology and Revolution, Alma Mater Europaea-ECM and The Global Center for Advanced Studies Europa. Maribor, Slovenia.

Bob Valgenti published an essay in a special edition of the theoretical journal Angelaki dedicated to the theme of philosophy and comedy. His essay “Go Bleep Yourself: Why Censorship is Funny” [Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities, 21.3 (Summer 2016), 103-114] examines the pop culture phenomenon of unnecessary censorship in relation to sitcoms, late night television, internet memes and sasquatch.

Bob was also the guest editor for a special Festschrift edition of the journal Philosophy Today to celebrate the 80th birthday of Italian philosopher Gianni Vattimo.  His introductory contribution is entitled “Vattimo at 80: A Hermeneutic Reality Check,” [Philosophy Today Special Issue: Festschrift for Gianni Vattimo, edited by R. Valgenti, 60:3 (Summer 2016).]  The volume also includes a contribution by Dr. Jeffrey Robbins, entitled  “Renewing Materialism:  Gianni Vattimo and Santiago Zabala and the Hermeneutical Option for the Poor.”


Faculty Scholarship

An Yountae’s book, The Decolonial Abyss:  Mysticism and Cosmopolitics from the Ruins, was published by the Fordham University Press and is scheduled for release in October 2016. This book “probes the ethico-political possibility harbored in Western philosophical and theological thought for addressing the collective experience of suffering, socio-political trauma, and colonial violence.”

Rachel Albert chaired a symposium titled “Micro and Macro Approaches to Sensitivity” for the Society of Research on Child Development’s biennial meeting. In the symposium, she presented a talk titled “A micro approach to studying the appropriateness of caregiver responses to babbling: New findings from a playback paradigm”.  Rachel also contributed to a panel called “Give Psychology Away to Inmates: Teaching in Prison,” which was presented at the annual meeting of the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues.

Philip Benesch was awarded an LL.M degree in Public Law by the University of London. The LLM is an advanced law degree in a specialized area of law.  Philip earned this degree in summer 2016.

Jeff Robbins’ 4th book, Radical Theology:  A Vision for Change, was published by the Indiana University Press in July 2016.  In this book, dedicated to John Hinshaw, Robbins is credited with presenting “revolutionary thinking in the face of changing theological concepts.”

Jeff Robbins and Noelle Vahanian were two co-authors of An Insurrectionist Manifesto:  Four New Gospels for Radical Politics. This book was published by Columbia University Press in 2016.