Election 2012

Lebanon Valley College

Vote Liberty and Vote Gary Johnson 2012

By Alex Philp

For the past few months I’ve been debating whether to vote for the clear best candidate in Gary Johnson or the lesser of two evils, Mitt Romney.  After watching the presidential debate last Wednesday, my mind was made up.  Sure Romney won the debate, but I don’t care much about that.  His move to the center on taxes solidified my Johnson endorsement.  There was no clear choice for liberty in the debate. The candidates were mirror images of each other on each issue, be it spending, taxes, the economy, or the role of government.  I’ll admit I’d feel much better with a President Romney than President Obama.  But that’s not saying much for Romney because I believe that the Obama administration is the biggest threat to liberty since the Woodrow Wilson administration.  No, voting for the lesser of two evils is what got our country in this mess to begin with.  We don’t need another authoritarian or socialist.  We need a president concerned about our liberty.  Lets talk about Gary Johnson.

Gary Johnson is the Libertarian Party presidential nominee.  He was the two term Governor of New Mexico from 1994-2002.  During his term, he was given the nickname “Governor Veto” because he vetoed 750 bills while in office, more than all other governors combined in that time frame.   We could use someone like that in office to stop the growth of big government.  Governor Johnson left office in New Mexico with a budget surplus and he never raised taxes.  All this with a Democratic State Legislature. He cut unnecessary government jobs while the people of New Mexico created over 20,000 new jobs during his term.  Gary Johnson has the track record for prosperity and liberty.  Obama can’t say that, and neither can Romney.

What is also appealing about Governor Johnson is that he talks about issues that neither Obama nor Romney will talk about.  For example, Gary Johnson wants to end the drug war. It is a despicable war taking place on our own streets, and against our own people.  And it is undoubtedly unconstitutional.  For alcohol prohibition, we passed the 18th Amendment because there was no authority for a substance prohibition in the constitution.  There was no constitutional amendment ever passed that authorized drug prohibition; Congress just passed drug prohibitions with no regard to constitutional restraints on Federal power.   Nowadays, over 800,000 arrests are made every year on marijuana violations alone.  Obama is just fine with this.  The president has proven his credentials as a true drug warrior.

He has admitted his past drug use, laughing about it on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  What a hypocrite!  If the president had been arrested on drug charges, he wouldn’t have had the success he has had.  So why is Obama okay with arresting people for victim-less drug crimes?  Anyone who has ever used marijuana (half of the adult population in the U.S.)  should not vote for Obama.  Like most politicians, he’s just fine with the status quo, no change found here.

I think Governor Johnson will bring real change, including with our foreign policy  He would bring the troops home from Afghanistan on the first day.  Obama, the supposed anti-war candidate, expanded that war.  Not only that, but got the U.S. involved in another unconstitutional war in Libya.  And he continues to assassinate American citizens abroad, violating their due process rights.  This won’t happen under a Johnson administration.  The Governor doesn’t want big government at home or abroad.

Gary Johnson will repeal ObamaCare.  He will rollback costly regulations and push for real tax reform with the FairTax, which eliminates all Federal taxes in place of one low national sales tax.  These are real clear reforms, all bringing us toward more freedom. We have seen that Obama doesn’t care about our freedom.  And Mitt Romney appears to be a watered down version of Obama, as his record shows.

Gary Johnson is the best choice.  But he won’t win.  Still, I’m voting for him.  We need to send a message to Washington that we want our freedom back.  We want politicians to listen to the issues that we care about.  If you are still hesitant, ask yourself this: would you rather vote for a candidate that you don’t want, and win, or vote for the best candidate and lose?  So I would advise all of you to vote Libertarian just once.  I think you’ll sleep a little better at night.

The 2012 Election for a Conservative

By Alex Philp, College Conservatives president

In this fall election season, politics seem to dominate much of the discussion; at least that’s how its been for me.  I don’t always get into political debates, but when I do, someone tends to get upset.  Regardless, I think it is important to discuss real moral and political issues.  For my club, the College Conservatives, this is not only an important election, but a great time to get out our message.

The College Conservatives is a group on campus that represents conservative and libertarian ideas including free market capitalism, private property rights, small government and an adherence to the constitution.  Among other things we do, we take a trip every year to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington D.C.   The club is open to anyone at the college.

This election is a time for reflection.  It is a time to evaluate the Obama administration.  We need to ask ourselves if we are better off, as a country, than we were four years ago.  Any objective person would tell us that we are not.  This administration has added over 5 trillion dollars to the Federal debt.  The economy is still sluggish and unemployment is higher than when the Obama took office.

The president has shown no fiscal restraint whatsoever, perhaps the worst spending binge being the stimulus bill in 2009 which amounted to a congressional wish list of pork and special deals to government cronies.  But that wasn’t even the worst of Obama’s crony capitalism.  The auto bailouts and Obamacare showed the president’s real disdain for free market competition and thus for freedom itself.

Obama’s solution to the debt crises has been typical of politicians, more taxes and more spending.  That just doesn’t work.  That’s what caused the recession and that’s what created our debt.  Mitt Romney certainly isn’t perfect, but he understands that much.  At least I hope he does.  If nothing else, a Romney presidency and a GOP takeover of the Senate would ensure the repeal of the monstrosity that is Obamacare.  And I’m optimistic that given another chance the GOP will show some government restraint and a little fiscal conservatism.  On the bright side for them, the Democrats have set the bar pretty low.

*Editor’s Note: LVC students should contact Alex if interested in joining the College Conservatives.