Election 2012

Lebanon Valley College

Upcoming Campus Political Debate!!

This year, College Democrats in conjunction with College Conservatives and with support from HYPE will be hosting an on campus Political Debate. This debate will take place on October 17th for 7pm-9pm. The current venue for the debate is Leedy Theater in Mund College Center. If this changes, We will make it known to the public. We believe that by linking up with the College Conservatives, we will be able to fairly represent the majority viewpoint of the student body. This is surely an important election on both sides of the campaign, and it is important that the youth of our country have their voices heard. We have come up with a list of debate topics that we felt would best encompass the tone of this years election.

Foreign Policy (Specifically the Arab Spring, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan)
Health Care (Obamacare, Reproductive Rights)
Inequality (Gay Marriage, Gender Inequality, Racial Inequality)
Veterans Affairs
Voter I.D (tentative)

We carefully structured this in a way that would be fair and give ample opportunity for each side to have equal say on each issue. All we ask is that you do your homework on the issues prior to the debate. We have also comprised a list of rules, which we consider to be “Common Etiquette”.

  • Each debating individual will be expected to attend in BUSINESS CASUAL ATTIRE.
  • Each debate topic will be give a specific length of time, and will be moderated by our Faculty Moderator as well as student time keepers.
  • Foul Language of any kind will result in ELIMINATION of an individual from the debate.
  • There will be no “attacks” made on candidates individually
  • There will be no “ attacks” on individual students or community members that are inclined to speak. Please keep in mind that this is a public event and we are here to represent LVC in the best light possible. We will likely have news media as well as political officers and candidates in attendance and should act appropriately.

If time permits, we will open the floor to a public forum with questions from community members and the college student body.

Most of all, Have Fun! This is designed to get students involved and passionate about their beliefs. No ones beliefs are less important then the other. We will respect all opinions even if we have differing ones.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Doug Waterman (daw001@lvc.edu) or Marissa Laudeman (Mal005@lvc.edu).

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