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The 2012 Election in the Eyes of Democrats

Written by Doug Waterman, President of College Democrats

For the next few weeks, the question on everyone’s mind will be; Why should I vote in this election? Why is this year so important? The answer is simple, we need to  move forward and not back. We need to make a difference in the future not only for ourselves, but our future generation. The prime candidate to do this, while not without flaw, is Barack Obama. For the College Democrats, we see the progress that President Obama has made in his first term, and we also see the looming destruction that will follow if the GOP were to win in November.

While the current state of the economy may not be where we want it, the question that must be asked is “Do we want steady progress forward, or a return to the failed policies that ultimately led us here?” Since the end of the recession, we’ve added 3.4 million new private-sector jobs — that’s over three times more than were created under President Bush after the 2001 recession ended. In fact, despite inheriting the worst economic crisis in generations, the economy under the Obama Administration now boasts more private-sector jobs than the day Obama took office. By comparison, at the end of President Bush’s first term, there were 913,000 fewer private-sector jobs than there were when he began. (According to article posted on USA Today News Site)

While Mitt Romney will promise economic change, he has no specifics to give on what he will do the strengthen our economy if he were to be elected. To further the contradiction, according to Blake Zeff of Capital New York, “Mitt Romney made a choice for his VP candidate that 100% contradicts one of the key arguments for his candidacy. As with John McCain, who argued in 2008 that experience was critical and then went on to name a first-term governor as his running mate, the selection of Ryan, a 42-year-old congressman who has been in government for the his entirety of his (brief) career, will undermine Romney’s contention that Obama is in over his head because he never had a job in the “real economy.”

Another of the Republican promises is to repeal Obamacare on day one in office. Looking at this from a strictly political standpoint, it seems a bit contradictory. According to many political activists, the Obamacare Act is really no different then the “Romneycare” Act that was passed in Massachusetts in 2006. The differences that do exist are considered by most analysts to be insignificant.

In the eyes of most democrats, Obamacare will benefit the public in the following ways;

  • 32 million Americans are currently without health insurance. Thanks to this Act, a larger portion of the general population will now have access to the coverage they need.
  • Patients with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied coverage by insurance companies, and companies can no longer drop someone once they get sick.
  • College students can stay on their parents’ plans until the age of 26.
  • The federal government will pay the states to allow low-income individuals to enroll in Medicaid
  • The Medicaid “doughnut hole” gap in coverage will be eliminated by 2020.
  • Each year, $125 million will go towards funding school-based health centers and programs to reduce teen pregnancy.
  • States are required to set up insurance exchanges to make it easier to find the best deals on private health insurance.
  • If an insurance company denies someone coverage, that person can go to an external appeals process.
  • The number of bankruptcies caused by health-related issues will be severely reduced.

The alternative is a plan proposed by the GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan. Ryan’s budget would reduce projected federal spending on Medicaid by about $800 billion over 10 years, serving about 60 million people most of which are low-income children and their mothers, but the costliest cases are severely disabled people, many of them seniors in nursing homes. Can we afford to allow this in our government? Especially when the person proposing it, has reaped the benefits of the Obamacare Act?   http://www.thenation.com/blog/169757/exclusive-paul-ryan-quietly-requested-obamacare-cash?rel=tumblr

So the answer is quite simple. We must vote for steady change, or be forced to repeat the same mistakes that we made through the Bush Administration. Can we afford another GOP term of flawed politics?

College Democrats hopes to inform students of the ideals held by our party. We do not make a habit of “talking up” our opponents downfalls, but strictly compare and contrast the differences between the two. We hope to bring out the youth and encourage them to make their voices heard! We plan to have on campus debates in the coming weeks regarding issues that are important to everyone. We will also be holding a Voter Registration Drive on September 20th in Mund College Center. This will be for all students to register to vote in the upcoming election. Also, we will help to provide suitable ID accommodations that meet the requirement of the Voter ID Law proposed and passed by the Republicans.


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