Election 2012

Lebanon Valley College


Welcome to Lebanon Valley College’s Election 2012 blog! With a little over two months to the General Election on November 6, LVC looks forward to bringing readers expert opinion and commentary regarding the candidates, the issues, and the importance of voting and civic engagement from our team of political scientists, philosophers, historians, and other faculty and staff members. We also look forward to hearing from our students, as representatives of College Democrats and College Conservatives offer their own thoughts on similar topics, and engage in a friendly debate in support of their candidates.

To suggest a topic, write for the blog, or submit a guest post, please contact Emily Summey, director of media relations and campus communications, at 717-867-6034 or summey@lvc.edu.

For additional information about the election, campus events, relevant courses, and student opportunities, visit www.lvc.edu/election.


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