Where do these ideas come from?

All of the resources, articles, and tips provided by CETL are a product of current/recent research, trends in the field as proposed by leading cognitive psychologists and education experts, and experience in the classroom. Some of these concepts are simple – sometimes so simple we don’t think about it because we’re so used to doing what we’ve always done. Some of the issues are highly complex, such as understanding student behaviors, teaching writing skills, and so forth. There won’t be one explanation or solution to many of the topics we discuss.

However, recent developments in the field have produced clear themes and conclusions that you will see repeatedly in journals, education websites, books, and conferences. We know much more about how people learn than we did 10-20 years ago. We know that educators must let go of some practices that we have clung to for decades in light of this knowledge. These are the ideas CETL will sift through, digest, summarize, and share. The director has spent years (along with an advanced degree in this field) digging deeply into these issues. Most of you don’t have time to do this, so the Center’s purpose is to provide the “bottom line” for faculty to consider as they work to improve students’ experiences and outcomes in their classes.

Feel free to ask for more information on anything that you want to pursue further. The goal is to spark a conversation that focuses on teaching and learning. Our students deserve the best we can do, and this is a primary component in the college’s mission to this end.

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