Can’t wait to find out more? Here is a list of books, articles, websites, and journals that have something to do with teaching and learning issues. Almost all of the book titles are in the LVC library holdings. If you know of additional sources that would be appropriate, pass them along.

TeachingMatters sessions

In-depth discussions, demonstrations, and presentations on various ideas and issues. These typically last about an hour.

TechTwenty demonstrations

These brief sessions feature demonstrations of technology tools and how they can be used in your classes. The basic idea is covered in less than twenty minutes, after which you can feel free to leave or stay to dig in a bit more. This way you don’t have to commit an entire hour – just drop by and see what it’s all about.


TeachingTips are brief ideas about learning, teaching, or things you could try in the classroom. These are emailed weekly, posted on the CETL website, and broadcast via CETL’s Twitter feed.

LVC blog postings

The Director of the Center regularly posts ideas, concepts, and reminders on the front page of this site, so come back often or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Library holdings

The CETL collection is located on the main floor of the library, immediately to the left as you enter.

Adjunct information

Here is the LVC handbook for adjunct instructors.

Suggestions for your course syllabi

The Associate Dean has compiled several suggestions to include in your syllabi.

And then there’s this handy checklist.

Websites related to teaching and learning

Educause is a major organization concerned with learning in higher education, particularly with understanding uses of technology, understanding of digital media literacy, etc. This link points to their resources on T&L, including lots of white papers, podcasts, blogs, and wikis. A rich site to browse through.

This collection includes a wide variety of articles on the academy, graduate students and postdocs, academic careers, teaching and learning, and research.

  • Journal on Excellence in College Teaching (available online through Bishop card catalog)
  • Teaching Professor (available at Bishop, main floor, periodicals)
  • What the Best College Teachers Do, Ken Bain

Read this first. This book summarizes the results of a 15-yr study of highly successful college and university faculty and gets at the root of what they do, why they do it, and why it works.

  • Teaching Tips, W. J. McKeachie

An excellent reference providing suggestions for a variety of issues.

  • How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School, John Bransford

An excellent starter for understanding learning, expert/novice differences, transfer of learning, and instructional application. The book is available in the LVC library, but the text can be accessed online for free.

  • Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate, Boyer

Boyer makes the case for why teaching should be considered as much a scholarly activity as research and how the two are truly intertwined.

  • Intelligence Reframed: Multiple Intelligences for the 21st Century, Howard Gardner

Through his research work at Harvard’s Project Zero, Gardner redefined our notion of intelligence when he introduced the concept of multiple intelligences. This book is an update of his ongoing work in this area.

  • Introduction to Rubrics, Stevens & Levi
  • Innovations in Interdisciplinary Teaching, Haynes (ed)
  • Blueprint for Learning, Richlin
  • Thinking About Teaching and Learning, Leamnson
  • Rethinking Teaching in Higher Education, Saroyan & Amundsen (eds)
  • Teaching and Learning Through Inquiry, Lee (ed)
  • Assessing for Learning: Building a Sustainable Commitment Across the Institution, Maki (ed)
  • The Course Portfolio, Hutchings (ed)
  • Creating Significant Learning Experiences, Fink
  • Into the Classroom, Hatch
  • Arts with the Brain in Mind, Jenson
  • Disciplinary Styles in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Exploring Common Ground, Huber & Morreale
  • Toward a Theory of Instruction, Jerome Bruner

Bruner’s ideas on education and learning have had dramatic impact on our educational system. This is an oldie, but definitely a goodie (1966).

  • Instructional Design Theories and Models, Charles M. Reigeluth (ed)

This is the definitive resource on a wide variety of instructional design philosophies, approaches, and examples. Such concepts as constructivist learning environments, learning by doing, elaboration theory, collaborative problem solving, and many others are described by proponents of each. Contents are organized into cognitive, psychomotor, and affective development.

  • Smart Schools, David Perkins

A great book on learning and how we should structure education accordingly.

  • In Search of Understanding: The Case for Constructivist Classrooms, Brooks & Brooks

The first few chapters provide a well-written overview of learning and designing authentic, contextual instruction from a constructivist perspective.

  • Mental Models, Gentner & Stevens

A seminal work on mental model research.

  • Structural Knowledge: Techniques for Representing, Conveying, and Acquiring Structural Knowledge, Jonassen, Beissner, Yacci

The concept of mental models attempts to explain how people assimilate new information into existing knowledge. The complex framework for how information is organized in the brain is referred to as structural knowledge, and this text offers techniques for assessing learners’ mental models.

  • Balancing Acts: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Academic Careers, Huber
  • Faculty Handbook on Teaching and Learning, B. R. Hill

This collection includes the materials provided on the website along with a few additional articles.

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