Previous events

Previous discussions, presentations, and workshops (handouts and notes from many of these are available under “Discussion Handouts”)

  • Barry R. Hill, CETL Director. “Using Google Docs for collaborative writing”
  • Barry R. Hill, CETL Director. “Using Google forms for collecting data, soliciting survey responses, and engaging students in reading assignments”
  • Karen Walker & students: “What happened when 7 students and a professor worked together to design high impact curricula for a first-year seminar?”
  • Barry R. Hill, CETL Director. “Hands-on with the iPad and Kindle”
  • Barry R. Hill, CETL Director. “ePortfolios for faculty”
  • Scott Walck, Physics. “Using student response systems (clickers in the classroom)”
  • Renee Norris, Music History. “A reflective re-design of a traditionally taught course”
  • Mike Fry, Mathematical & Computer Sciences. “Development of online instructional systems to help prepare students for class discussion”
  • Cheryl George & Jane Yingling, Education. “How do you spell assessment relief? R-U-B-R-I-C”
  • Michael Kitchens, Psychology. “Course Redesign Grant Process: Connecting psychology with students”
  • CETL & ITS. “Engaging Students with Emerging Technologies: A Showcase of Initiatives”
  • Barry R. Hill, CETL Director. “Still using paper and notebooks for class projects? Get real – get virtual”
  • “Did you even read the chapter before class?” Roundtable discussion on getting students to prepare for class.
  • Bob Valgenti, Religion & Philosophy. “Thinking through the Writing Process” Results from his Course Grant Award
  • Deanna Dodson, Assoc Dean & Lou Manza, Chair, Psychology. “Syllabus writing 201 – the advanced stuff”
  • Barry R. Hill, CETL Director. “Using blog-based websites for class and other stuff”
  • Mike Zeigler, Director of Client Services, ITS. “Getting the most out of Blackboard”
  • “A discussion on classroom discussion” Roundtable discussion on how to get students discussing in class.
  • Barry R. Hill, CETL Director. “What are your learners actually learning? Applying mental model analysis as an alternative instructional assessment method–really!”
  • Duffy, Fry, Hill, J Kline. “Great ideas you can use in your class: The results of our experiences at the Educause Learning Initiative Conference in San Antonio”
  • Karen Walker, Education. “The Millennials: There’s a new kid in town”
  • Yvonne Foster, Disability Services. “Working with students with Aspergers Syndrome in college”
  • Jane Yingling and Linda Summers, Education. “Decisions, decisions: deciding what to teach, how to teach,
  • and how to assess learning”
  • Phil Blatt, Physical Therapy. “Applying problem based learning to physical therapy courses”
  • Grant Taylor, Art & Digital Communications. “Image chains”
  • Barry R. Hill, CETL Director. “Applying human learning principles to course design”


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