CETL news update

Here are the various ways we’ll be supporting the discussion on teaching and learning. Specific topics and events will be announced as we go along – lots of great stuff to talk about and share with each other. Let me know if I can be of help – have a great semester.

  • TeachingTips are brief ideas about learning, teaching, or things you could try in the classroom. These are emailed weekly, posted on the CETL website, and broadcast via CETL’s Twitter feed.
  • TechTwenty sessions feature demonstrations of technology tools and how they can be used in your classes. The basic idea is covered in less than twenty minutes, after which you can feel free to leave or stay to dig in a bit more. This way you don’t have to commit an entire hour – just drop by and see what it’s all about.
  • TeachingMatters are more in-depth discussions, demonstrations, and presentations on various ideas and issues. These typically last about an hour.
  • The CETL website has lots of short articles, resources, and links related to teaching and learning, including content/handouts from our sessions.
  • Tune in to CETL:

Website: www.lvc.edu/cetl
Twitter: twitter.com/lvccetl


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