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What? You want me to read another book?

Yes, I do.  Books can change us, help us to see things differently, expand our horizons.

Lakeisha M. Matthews, Director of the Career and Professional Development Center at the University of Baltimore, recently submitted a post to The NACE Blog titled Five Books Every Student Should Read. Click HERE to read her picks for the five books that “had an enormous impact on [her] professional development as a college student and entry-level professional. 

What I appreciated most in Ms. Matthews comments was the connection she made to the benefits of reading and the skills/qualities that employers seek in the candidates they hire. I’ve no doubt you could easily come up with those connections, but just maybe you need to be reminded of exactly what they are. 

So read… this post, for sure. You might even want to ask some of your favorite professors, administrators, or other professionals for books/articles they consider to be a good read for your development and maturity as a person and as a professional.

Consider this my “encouragement” for how to spend some of your summer days.

-Sharon M. Givler, director of career development