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Reasons to join LinkedIn and resources to do it well

Why be on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn, with more than 277 million professionals, is an essential tool to help students transition into the working world.

  • Create a professional profile and network with others about your strengths, interests, and experiences.
  • A multitude of associations, organizations, and employers use LinkedIn. Join/follow those specific to your interests to receive emails with industry news, current discussions, and job opportunities.
  • Social media is critical in today’s job market. Many employers use LinkedIn in their recruitment efforts. Be a part of the professional community!
  • Use LinkedIn as a research tool; gain valuable information about a company to tailor your application and prepare for an interview.

How do you get started?

LinkedIn has compiled fantastic tip sheets and video resources to help students make the most of their profile.

Take advantage of tips on:

  • Profile Checklist: College Students
  • Finding a Job or Internship
  • Networking on LinkedIn
  • Tailoring your Profile to your Goals
  • Using the Alumni Tool to Explore Career Paths
  • And many other topics!

For a little bit of fun:

Gwen Miller, associate director, career services

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