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Why Be LinkedIn?

Students and recent graduates have a wealth of information at their fingertips through the many social media venues out there.  The common belief is that social media is for connecting and sharing with friends.  While that’s true, you can also use the ability to quickly (and relatively effortlessly) find and connect with others to your advantage in your job search.

LinkedIn is a social media forum built for this kind of professional networking.  According to the CareerSpots video, Why be LinkedIn, creating a profile allows you to talk with individuals about who you are and what you’re interested in.  You can also search for organizations and receive periodic emails from industry associations, alumni networking groups, or specific companies about news or job opportunities.  Conduct job searches using key words or connect with employers of companies with which you have an interest.  LinkedIn offers a six (6) video guide to students or recent graduates on how to Get Started, Build a Professional Brand, Find your Career Passion, Build a Professional Network, Turn Relationships into Opportunities, and Researching & Prepping for Interviews utilizing the capabilities of a personal LinkedIn account.  When used well, LinkedIn can allow you to harness the power of social media in a professional way for the benefit of your job or internship search.

While LinkedIn may be the professional social media outlet, don’t forget about the benefits of other sites.  You can search for companies or associations in Facebook, Twitter, blog sites, and any other forum.  You never know what information you can glean to learn more about an industry/company/culture/etc that will help with your job search and interview process!