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Finding a Co-Op/Internship

Internships are a vital part of the collegiate experience. In today’s competitive culture students are wise to bring career-related experiences to the attention of potential employers and graduate schools. Hiring and admissions personnel are looking for candidates with maturity and confidence, good writing and speaking skills, honesty and integrity, leadership, interpersonal strengths, initiative, creativity, and flexibility. Many of these strengths are honed through the real world experience of an internship.

Internships will help you develop the work habits, attitudes, and skills to begin your career. They will enable you to build your network of professional contacts, explore career options, apply classroom theory and concepts, become acquainted with company culture, and make a contribution to the organization that mentors you. Experience counts. Get your career in motion today!

How do you go about conducting an internship search?  Start by watching the CareerSpots video – Finding a Co-Op/Internshipand begin browsing the Experience Counts website through Career Services.  Here you will be linked to great resources and helpful information on internships for academic credit or for experience only (non-credit).  Make yourself aware of opportunities available through JobCenter, both in the Jobs & Internships section and the Resource Library (available on the left hand navigation column).  You are encouraged to talk with faculty, your personal networking connections, and alumni through the Career Connections mentor database (also accessed through JobCenter) to discuss your interests and learn of leads.  Career Services is glad to work with you as well through the entire process of your internship – before, during, and following the experience.

There are many avenues in which to seek out internship opportunities; give yourself ample time to conduct a thorough search in hopes of landing an internship that will be most beneficial to your future career goals!