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Lebanon Valley College

Top 10 Interview Mistakes

answering your phone during the interview…”
“having a tongue ring…”
“not knowing what job you’re applying for…”
“don’t come into the interview eating…”
“don’t show your tattoos…”
“don’t say ummm…”
“probably shouldn’t wear anything with cleavage”

These are first responses from students in the CareerSpots video – Top 10 Interview Mistakes.  Take a look at the video for the employer perspective on the Top 10 mistakes candidates can make!

Although it’s important to know what you shouldn’t do, it’s more important to identify and understand things you should do.  Granted, you could assume that it’s correct for you to do the opposite of what’s on the top 10 list of mistakes, but hopefully you would already know not to answer your phone or arrive finishing off your breakfast.

Instead, spend ample time preparing so that you are ready with relevant examples and illustrations of the skills and abilities you will contribute to the organization.  Know the job description inside and out and research the company and industry so that you can ‘talk the talk.’  Draw from your work experience, classroom projects, campus or community involvement, athletics, study abroad, or any other venue in which you’ve developed skills.

Remember, it is not so much the activity that matters to the employer, but what you gained from that activity.  Of equal importance is the ability to articulate those experiences and highlight your accomplishments in a way that is relevant to the employer!  Make use of all of the electronic and people resources available to you as you practice your interviewing techniques.  The last thing you want to do is provide examples for next year’s Top 10 List of Mistakes!