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Rules for Writing Cover Letters

According to the CareerSpots Video The Cover Letter, there are 5 rules to keep in mind when writing a letter that will accompany your resume in the job/internship process.

  • Rule 1 – Always send one!  Even if it’s not specifically requested, it is an excellent piece that enhances your application packet.
  • Rule 2 – Get personal.  Cover Letters must be tailored to each specific job for which you are applying.  It’s a good idea to learn the name of the individual who will be reading it.  This may require you to call the organization and ask who you should address your cover letter to – although it takes additional work it is worth the effort!
  • Rule 3 – One page only.  Your letter should follow professional business format.  Be concise!
  • Rule 4 – No typos.  If your submit a one page document with errors, employers will question your ability to communicate effectively in other work assignments.
  • Rule 5 – Use a professional email address.  Whether your letter is sent via email or includes your contact information within the letter, choose an email address that is professional and won’t distract employers from the letter’s intent. Creating an address such as your is the safest bet.
  • Additional writing tips: Describe how you are the best fit within the organization and for that specific job.  Don’t simply reiterate your resume in paragraph form; tell them how your past experiences have prepared you for their role.  Be sincere in expressing your interest!

Career Services offers additional help in writing cover letters online or by meeting with us for individual assistance.  Keep in mind that cover letters take time to write; utilize the resources available to you and take the time necessary to ensure you make a positive first impression through your written communication!