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Following Up with Employers

Recruitment season means many students are likely writing and sending out numerous resumes and cover letters in hopes of being selected for interviews and, ultimately, internships or full time opportunities.  Tailored application materials are much more likely to get you noticed than generic ones, but there is still fierce competition in the job market.  So what do you do after you’ve submitted an application?  And how do you stay on an employer’s radar after an interview? By following up!

Following up with employers is essential in the job search.  However, there’s an important distinction between touching base and being a pest.  The CareerSpots video, Follow up with Employers, offers guidelines from an employer perspective to help you know when to call or email after submitting your application and what to do after an interview.

Although all employers are different, one thing remains certain – you MUST make time to follow up!  Doing so will help you stand out and demonstrate genuine interest while remaining actively engaged in your job search.