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The Art of Saying Thank You

You’ve worked up the courage to contact someone for networking reasons or to further your job or internship search.  You’ve attended career fairs and events to interact with people in your industry of interest.  The preparation involved with all of these activities may seem like the most difficult part, right? So once the initial meeting is over, how do you keep the conversation going?

The immediate step is to send a note of appreciation!  Saying “thank you” allows you to remind the individual of your previous conversation by expressing gratitude for their time, reiterating your interest and skills, and conveying enthusiasm for continued communication.  Whether you send it through snail mail or email, make sure your note is timely, genuine, and professional.  Don’t mistake this as an optional step – sending thank you notes should be a priority within 24-48 hours after your meeting!

For employer advice of what to include, check out The Art of Saying Thank You CareerSpots video.