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Make your Resume POP

One Page ………………. (in length)
15-20 Seconds ……… (amount of time you have to make a great first impression)
Multiple drafts……….. (before you have a polished document)

These are important considerations to remember when putting together your resume.  Whether you are applying to a summer position, an internship, full time work, or graduate school, your resume is often your first means of introducing yourself.  Be sure it represents you well!

Your resume, like your finger print, should be one of a kind. The activities that you’ve been involved in, your accomplishments and successes, as well as qualities you’d like to highlight, will be different from anyone else’s.  Although your resume is meant to be a snapshot, meaning it won’t include every detail of your life, it should include the information that will be the most impactful and demonstrative of the skills you have to offer.  This takes time and thoughtful preparation!

Check out the CareerSpots video Make Your Resume POP for advice and a quick-tips sheet.  Career Services also has plenty of resources to help strengthen your Communication for the Job SearchRemember, your goal should be to produce an impressive document that represents your strengths and accomplishments.  Anything less will make it that much more difficult to get noticed!