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Faculty Summer News

The faculty of the Department of Mathematical Sciences have kept busy this summer! Here are some updates from each of us. Stay tuned for news about our students’ internships and other summer work!

Faculty News:

Professor Brewer, with the help of the other faculty in the department, along with the input of many firms in the area and in the state, is working on the design of a major in Finance. We hope to share details of the program soon.

Professors Yarnall and Fry are busy planning a redesign of the computer science major to focus on computational data science. We’re all excited to see a new, focused computer science major which is tightly integrated with the mathematical strengths of the department.

Dr. Fry and Dr. Yarnall working on the CSC lab server.

Dr. Fry and Dr. Yarnall working on the CSC lab server.

The Mathematical Physics Research Group wrapped up a successful summer. Professor Lyons and physics professor Scott Walck worked with students Chase Yetter ’17 and Dan Upchurch ’16. We’ll have news about their work soon!

The Mathematical Physics Research Group hard at work.

The Mathematical Physics Research Group hard at work.

As part of his sabbatical leave this past semester, Professor Lyons visited and gave presentations to quantum information research groups in Paris, Bristol (UK), and Cambridge (UK) in May, and presented at a conference in Seefeld (Austria) in July. 

Professor Droms has settled in after his first year in the department and is looking forward to contributing to the Actuarial Science program in the future. He passed the FM/2 exam at the end of the summer, and has also taken over the social media projects of the department. Be sure to follow us on Twitter!

Professors Lyons and Droms traveled to Portland, Oregon to attend MathFest. Professor Lyons gave a talk about the Mathematical Physics Research Group, and Professor Droms took part in Project NExT. Next year is the 100th year of the Mathematical Association of America, and MathFest 2015 will be in Washington, DC. We hope to have some students come along with us!

Professor Kolins traveled to a conference at the University of Vermont with the General Education Committee. He also spent time taking courses for his VEE requirements.

Professor Smith worked with Issac Lu ’15 on a summer study course. He also finished writing a paper on end-symmetric continued fractions and quadratic congruences.

The MAS faculty had some fun away from campus this summer as well. Professor Lyons returned from his sabbatical in Austria and went to a family reunion in North Carolina. Professor Droms spent a week camping, hiking, and biking in Acadia National Park in Maine. Professor Kolins visited family in Michigan and spent many days orienteering. Professor Brewer grew more food than all of Cleona could eat, and even added a few new garden beds in his front yard. Professor Smith celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary, and Professor Fry saw his daughter off to college. Our department secretary Susan helped her son buy a house.


Dr. Lyons and his wife Maria in Austria.


Dr. Kolins and Eddie Bergeron finishing at the 2014 US Orienteering Relay Championship.

Dr. Droms in Acadia National Park.

Dr. Droms in Acadia National Park.