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From Dan Pitonyak ’08

I’ve been meaning to email for months now to update you on my job search. The last we talked I was finishing up my doctoral work and applying for a position at Lafayette.  The former went well but the latter unfortunately did not work out (along with other liberal arts college jobs I applied for).  I had the feeling most were looking for someone with some post-doc experience.  I also didn’t realized how in-demand these jobs are (over 120 people applied for the one at Lafayette).  I ended up accepting a 2-year post-doc at Brookhaven National Lab (on Long Island), which I start next Tuesday.  BNL is home to the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider and is very active in nuclear/hadronic physics research.  Perhaps in a few years I’ll be able to get one of these jobs at a small college.  But I’m excited to finally be done with graduate school and to start branching out a bit in my research.

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